Most popular Canada places among US retirees 

Many people look forward to retirement. They can not wait to begin relaxing, work-free, and not stress out. Because they want a carefree retirement, they choose to retire out of the country in Canada. But Canada is a big country with many choices suitable for retirement, making it challenging to pick one. However, All American Movers will recommend the most popular Canada places among US retirees

The benefits of retiring in Canada compared to the US

Before we get into the best places to retire in Canada, let’s see what pros you get compared to retiring in the US. 

  • The first benefit of retiring in Canada is the health care system. With old age, your health gets more sensitive, and that is why you need good doctors to look over you. Canada has one of the best heal care systems, so you will be in good hands if you retire there. But what draws many American retirees to Canada is the universal heal care system. To get access to universal healthcare, you need to be a permanent resident of the country or a citizen. If you can not get citizenship, you should look into private health insurance. But even private health coverage will be less costly in Canada. 
  • The second reason you should retire in Canada is freedom. Americans think of their country as the freest place. But if we look at the human freedom index, America is not even in the top ten. Canada ranks in the top ten constantly. The human freedom index has two criteria: personal freedom and economic freedom, the most significant factors for a happy life. 
  • The third reason to retire in Canada is your family will love visiting. People love traveling out of the country. And if you retire to a place like Toronto or Vancouver, your family will love seeing you explore these beautiful cities. 

the word healthcare on cream tiles
Come to one of the popular Canada places among US retirees to get access to a reliable healthcare system.

So if you like the benefits above, sell your old house and buy a new one in Canada to take advantage of them. 

Most popular Canada places among US retirees – East York 

The first neighborhood we will talk about is East York. East York was one of the last standing boroughs before it became part of today’s Toronto in 1998. 

It is predominantly an immigrant neighborhood. You will be surrounded by people in the same position as you. There will be many people to talk to, making adjusting easier. Around 100,000 people live in the area, mostly from South Asian countries. 

For those looking to buy a home in East York, the average price of homes is around 1.2 million. Detached homes are the most expensive, then townhouses, and the least costly are condos. Homes in East York are on the older side, so before committing, learn about the pros and cons of buying an old house

Key in key hole
If you want to have quite a time, try buying a house in East York.

If you want to go hike, there is the Taylor Creek Trail. The trail is 3.5 km long, and you get to walk by a beautiful creek. If you ever want to get away from the noise, Taylor Creek Trail is the best place in East York. And if you ever want to spend a day in the city, Downtown Toronto is only 10 km away, and you can reach it in 15 minutes if there is no traffic. If you like what the neighborhood has to offer, find assistance in the area, East York movers. They will get you to your new place in East York fast so you can begin enjoying your retirement. 

 The most popular Canada place among US retirees – Victoria 

One of the most popular Canada places among US retirees is Victoria. The capital of British Columbia is on the edge of Vancouver Island, with about 91,000 residents. 

Victoria is appealing to American retirees for multiple reasons.

The city is the center for retirees. It has one of the largest retiree communities in Canada, with 17.8% of the population being older than 65. 

The weather in Victoria is one of the best in Canada. Victoria has a Mediterranean climate making the summers fresh and the winters warm. There is not a lot of rain and the only months you can experience freezing temperatures are in January, February, and December. 

Victoria offers plenty of activities. If you want to learn about the natural history of human history, you must visit the Royal BC Museum. And when you check out all the exhibits, the fun does not end because the museum has regular events. 

Whenever you want to go outside, there is no better place than Beacon Hill Park. You have 740,000 square meters of greenery. The park has a lot of trails and resting spots if you get tired on your walk. What will blow you away about Beacon Hill Park is the Garry Oak Ecosystem. 

park during day time
You can relax in Beacon Hill Park if you decide to retire in Victoria.

How to move to Canada 

Since you have an idea where to move to Canada, let’s see how to do it. If you want to have an easy-going relocation Professional Movers Canada advises you to find a moving company. You can choose them as your movers or look for other companies that will get you to your ideal retirement place in Canada. When selecting moving companies, read the reviews and ask prices of their moving services. 

To make your relocation less expensive, there are a few things you can do: 

  1. Look for free moving supplies in local grocery stores;
  2. Do some of the relocation tasks yourself; 
  3. Finally, declutter your USA home to lower the cost of packing. 

You are ready to retire in Canada 

With our list of the most popular Canada places among US retirees, you will not struggle to retire. When you get to one of the places on the list, however, take it easy and enjoy your retirement in Canada.