Most instagrammable places in New Jersey

Well, if you want to get out of the crowd New Jersey is the place. Just outside of New York and the everyday hustle and bustle lies NJ. Jersey is a quieter and calmer place to live while commuting to NYC for work. However, to conclude that Jersey is boring would be a mistake. New Jersey is a fun and active place to live with some of the safest and calmest cities to live in. It has many great parks and untouched nature. It is also perfectly located between NYC and the shore. This gives it a unique look and feel. It also makes it a picturesque area with great views. So if you are planning on visiting here are some of the most instagrammable places in New Jersey that you should visit and photograph.

A little something about Jersey

Well, it is often overlooked but, Jersey, the Garden State is the place to be. It is a state of great heritage and history. Also, It is a place of great natural diversity and beauty. So if you look past the surrounding Philly and NYC you can dive deep into NJ beauty and charm. A slow pace of life, outdoor activities, and opportunities make it perfect for exploration and living.

Ellis Island from NJ side, one of the most instagrammable places in New Jersey
Many great views are highly instagrammable on the New Jersian side

If you are considering moving to NJ, take a look at valuable online advice at and get prepared for moving to Jersey. The state offers great views to enjoy as a photographer. From nature to historical sites and museums it is full of attractive and most instagrammable places. The offering is almost overwhelming and difficult to filter out. But here are just some of them that we can point out:

  • Asbury Park
  • Barnegat lighthouse
  • Patterson Great Falls
  • Cape May
  • Liberty state park

Asbury Park

Asbury Park was voted one of the coolest places in NJ and the place is stunning. There are some great views and photos to be taken of its boardwalk, murals, and the beach. For many, it is one of the best places to visit and enjoy and one of the most photographable in Jersey.

Barnegat lighthouse

Located on Long Beach the lighthouse is a great point of interest and a location with stunning views. It is an official part of the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail. The lighthouse and its surrounding park are photogenic any time of day or night or even in winter. Places like this make Jersey extremely desirable to visit and move to.

Waterfall in NJ
There are many instagrammable sights of nature in Jersey like Paterson Great Falls

Patterson Great Falls

The Falls are situated within a national historical Park and repšresent one of the best views. They are 77-foot tall and encompass an old mill as well as a three-tiered water raceway system. It is a perfect mixture of nature and history of an industrial revolution.

Also, note that your movers will be able to provide you with both moving and storage assistance so you can be free to dive into jerseys beauty and heritage. Once you move and find a secure unit for your belongings in Jersey, make sure to embrace the freedom to explore the state and visit the falls.

Cape May

Cape May is a great vacation spot. It is a place full of history and heritage with many preserved historical homes. cottages and shops. With great beaches and a clear ocean, the photo opportunities lie at every corner making it one of the most instagrammable places in New Jersey.

Cape May buildings
Cape May is a perfect representation of NJ heritage and history

Liberty state park

The park is a great place to visit and hang around. It is a historical place offering great views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. This green wonderland offers a unique view of the bustling NYC from a quaint and relaxing viewpoint.

The Garden State is a great place to live in, visit and enjoy. It has great charm and beauty to offer. So, it’s clear it’s worth visiting some of the best and instagrammable places in New Jersey has to offer. Do not miss NJ and pay attention to some of its photogenic locations.