Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Rochester, NY Home

If you have decided to sell your home, you probably want to do it fast and for a hefty profit. However, more often than not, people are surprised when they learn that selling a property is almost as complex as buying one. Approach it without enough preparation, and you are bound to end up dissatisfied. Scarry, right? It doesn’t have to be! If you pay attention to essential details, you will be able to navigate the process without much hassle. To help you along this journey, here is a list of common mistakes to avoid when selling your Rochester, NY home.

Over or underpricing

When selling your home, it’s easy to get tangled up in emotions. People’s sentiments toward a property they used to call home for years often lead to unrealistic expectations when it comes to deciding on a price. However, remember that potential buyers don’t care about your memories and feelings as much as you do. 

Overpricing your home will surely keep it in the market for longer than you’d like. This will make it extremely difficult and maybe even impossible to sell your Rochester, NY home. On the other hand, setting a price too low will draw people away by making them think there is something wrong with the house.

Figuring out a realistic value of your home is not easy. Luckily, there are many tools and information available that can ease the process. Remember, thorough research and preparation are imperative.

Not hiring a realtor

Although it might seem tempting to venture into selling your home alone, this is probably not a good idea, especially if this is your first time. The world of real estate is complex and aggressive, so it’s easy to have a bad experience if you’re not thoroughly informed and prepared. Because of this, hiring a reliable realtor is the first step toward assuring a successful sale. This might seem like an unnecessary expense at first. However, keep in mind that a realtor’s commission comes from a percentage of your home’s price, so you can rest assured knowing they have your best interest in mind

Additionally, an experienced realtor will let you in on everything you need to know regarding current market trends, paperwork, and other details you would likely overlook otherwise.

A handshake with an experienced realtor as not hiring professional assistance is one of the mistakes to avoid when selling your home.
Remember that having professional assistance is a must.

Forgoing a pre-inspection

Not many things will kill a sale as much as a failed inspection. Among many mistakes to avoid when selling your Rochester, NY home, skipping a pre-listing inspection seems to be the most common. Pests, mold, and other issues will put off even the most persistent buyers. And considering how most of these concerns are fixable, trying to pinch a few pennies in this area won’t be worth it. Therefore, have your home thoroughly inspected and address any problems you come across. If you are not willing to deal with them, be prepared to lower your asking price accordingly.

Neglecting the visual appeal of your home

If you were trying to sell a shirt, you wouldn’t show it to potential buyers while it’s dirty and wrinkly, so you shouldn’t do that when trying to sell your home either.

Curb appeal has the power to attract potential buyers. Therefore, make sure your facade is pristine and your windows spotless. You don’t have to turn your front lawn into a Zen garden, but try to make it look neat and thriving. When showing your home, make sure the space is clean and tidy. Avoid having too many personal items lying around as you want to allow people to envision themselves in your home. Additionally, pay attention to details such as dripping taps and squeaky doors. If you want to sell your house for the most money, keep in mind that the secret is the details.

A modern detached house.
Curb appeal matters greatly.

Underestimating the cost of selling your home

Even though it might sound contradictory, selling your home is expensive! Many people carelessly venture into this challenge, not knowing its actual costs, which is why they end up with a bad taste in their mouths once everything is said and done. From taxes to fees and rates, the expenses can quickly add up, so learning what it is that you need to account for is of the utmost importance.

Selling your home includes moving, which can be tough on the wallet, as well. Luckily, cost-effective ways are available when it comes to relocation. You can easily save money on your long-distance move by hiring a reliable moving company and being thrifty during the moving process.

Not marketing your home effectively

When trying to sell anything in today’s world, marketing is everything. How you present your home in the listing and how you promote said listing can make or break your sale. Even though you might think your photography skills are adequate, it won’t hurt to hire a professional real estate photographer. However, if you decide to take the pictures yourself, make sure to have appropriate lighting (natural, if possible), and take your time to make them look extra snazzy. Don’t skimp on the number of photos either. Buyers love detailed listings and are more likely to show interest in one with many pictures.

Additionally, don’t forget to emphasize the key features of your home in the ad. Every detail you include makes you one step closer to successfully selling your Rochester, NY home.

Choosing the wrong time to sell

One thing people often neglect when deciding to sell their property is the season. The season matters greatly for both the selling process and the relocation that follows. Although professional movers from Tik Tok Moving and Storage can easily turn your relocation into a breeze, winter is not ideal for both these adventures as most people are preoccupied with the holidays and spending time with their families. Think about it – would you rather go house hunting or snuggle up under a blanket on a cold, snowy day? While selling in winter isn’t impossible, it will be more challenging. Instead, wait for warmer weather when people are in the mood for shopping and you will be in the mood for relocation after a successful and satisfying sale!

A calendar
It is crucial to choose the right season for both the selling and the moving process.

Final words on the mistakes to avoid when selling your Rochester, NY home

Selling a home isn’t an easy task. If you don’t learn everything you need to know, you risk losing your money. This list of mistakes to avoid when selling your Rochester, NY home should help you in this endeavor but bear in mind you won’t be able to dodge all of them. And that’s ok! As long as you do thorough research and inform yourself on the current trends, you can rest assured knowing you’ve done everything in your power.