Meeting New People after You Move

So you’ve organized your move. You have signed the lease to an apartment in a new city. You have a job lined up. All of your worldly possessions are in bags and cardboard boxes. You’ve hired a reputable moving company to deliver your things to your doorstep. What now? With all of the nerves of starting a new job and finding your way around a new neighborhood, have you actually considered the topic of meeting new people after you move? Do not fret. These simple ideas will find you a fabulous squad to hang out within no time.

meeting new people after you move to a new city

Meeting new people after you move can be tricky.

Some general tips for making friends in a new city

  1. Be ready to initiate contact with people. – Most people you meet already have set friend groups. So, it may seem like their socializing needs are already being met. Do not let this discourage you.
  2. Make sure to put yourself out there. – It probably seems hard and intimidating at first. But if you keep at using these smart ways to make new friends when you move, you’ll have a new friend group in no time.
  3. The three-meeting rule. – Psychologists say it takes three successive meetings to solidify someone as a friend in one’s mind. So even if you don’t see each other for a while after that, meeting up afterwards will still feel like not a lot of time has passed. You’ll be right back in your comfort zone.

Old Friends or Friends of Friends – Stay in the same social circle

One of the basic tips for making friends in a new city is actually rekindling friendships with some of your old friends or acquaintances. You can use Facebook to look up people that now live in the area to which you are moving. You may know them from college, your hometown or an old job . Finding an almost instant friend this way is your safest bet since you already have some knowledge of one another. Also, you probably have an experience you have shared. This will make your first conversation or meet up go smoothly and without many awkward silences.

What if you truly do not know anyone in the city you’re moving to? You could ask your friends if they know anyone there that they can connect you with. This is also a good way of meeting new people after you move. Again, you are in the same social circle and you probably have some shared interests and topics of conversation.

Work – Form pleasant relationships with coworkers

Relocating for work can be very similar to moving for college. You already have a pool of people you can choose from that you are likely to spend a lot of time with. If you can use your break times together, this can be an easy in for you to get closer to your coworkers. You can easily insert yourself into an existing friend group at work. Alternatively, you can initiate a connection with your immediate coworkers by grabbing lunch together. This way you will get to know each other and soon you’ll get invited to events outside of work too.

meeting coworkers

Building relationships with coworkers in and outside of work is important.

Apps – Meeting new people after you move made easy

Another one of the smart ways to make new friends when you move is through apps. Meetup will connect you to people you can do activities with that have to do with a shared interest. CitySocializer is similar and Bumble BFF brings the dating app feel to making friends. In addition to this, using social media to find people you have something in common with online is also a great way of meeting new people after you move. It may take a little longer to feel comfortable enough to invite someone to meet up in real life. However, if you’ve spent time talking to each other online, it can feel like an old friendship even though you’re actually meeting for the very first time.

Sports and other activities – Making working out fun

Something a lot of people do that already has socializing built into it is working out and doing sports. If you go to a class at the gym, for example. You could strike up a conversation with someone and ask them if they would be into checking out another class with you. You could also use your being new in town to your advantage and ask for some recommendations about where to eat or go out.

If you like to be active but dislike the gym, you can join a local team or running club. Even if you are not that into working out, there are other options. Taking a regular walk through the local park will not only keep you healthy but also allow for opportunities for meeting new people after you move. This is especially true if you have a dog. Meeting other dog owners offers a very natural in that will get the communication started. After you’ve seen each other in the park multiple times, it will be easier to initiate seeing each other on purpose.

making friends through sports

Doing sports can be a great opportunity to make connections.

Culture – Pursue your interests and make friends as you do

Going to concerts and other cultural events is sure to pop up as one of the first answers when you ask someone for tips for making friends in a new city. First of all, going to these kinds of happenings is not likely to make you feel awkward. A lot of people do it and you’re there to enjoy the music, take in an exhibition or a show. Socializing and communicating with other people comes second. However, this is exactly what makes it easier to do it, as it is then very simple to start a conversation.

Meeting new people after you move comes naturally

All in all, how to make friends when you move to a new place as an adult is just another one of the pitfalls related to moving. It can seem tricky and intimidating. However, if you remain open and employ some of these tips for making friends in a new city, you are likely to successfully and easily solve this adulthood more.