Makings of a Decent Estate Moving Company

Moving is generally a stressful time for most people. There are many things to worry about. However, what feels most out of your control is the state in which your belongings will reach their destination. This can be especially true if you are moving an entire estate. In some cases, you will be relocating your estate within the country or abroad in one piece. In others, you will be dividing it and sending it off to different locations. Going through a life’s worth of belongings can be a daunting task all on its own. However, knowing the makings of a decent estate moving company and hiring one will make all the difference. Here is what we have to say on the subject.

How do I find a decent estate moving company?

Doing research can be of paramount importance when it is necessary to choose a respectable and reliable moving company. Make sure to be on the lookout for any complaints or bad moving reviews the company has previously got. You will probably see a lot of cautionary tales of people who have been swindled out of their money or had their possessions basically destroyed by companies being negligent. Indeed, other people’s experiences mean a lot in such an important matter as finding a decent estate moving company.

Moreover, consulting some reputable sites in the field is also a reasonable decision. Better Business Bureau can provide you with information on the ranking of your potential movers. If they are ranked high, it speaks volumes of their quality, professionalism, and experience. The companies you should consider need to be on some of the top positions.

Getting a realistic estimate is part of the makings of a decent estate moving company

To get the best value-for-money deal, experts suggest asking at least three companies for a written estimate. When you do this, pay attention to any estimates that seem like they are too low. That is usually a sign of a scam. Any sight-unseen estimates are also usually questionable. Nevertheless, certain companies offer to estimate the cost of your relocation online, which undoubtedly has its benefits. This way the annoying, administrative part of your move is made easy. Also, it leaves you time to focus on finding high-quality estate moving services you need and deserve.

getting an estimate for moving

Getting an estimate in writing can help you choose the most reliable movers.

Do they offer insurance? Good tips for estate packing and moving always include this question

You are sorting through your or a relative’s estate. You are bound to have your hands full of valuable family heirlooms, art pieces and delicate or fragile pieces of furniture, even musical instruments. Offers to insure your belongings can be a crucial factor when you are thinking about how to choose a reliable moving company. This way you can hold the moving company responsible if any of your belongings end up broken or damaged. Lots of companies offer insurance packages to ensure your belongings’ safety.

a decent estate moving company insurance

A decent estate moving company will offer insurance.


It is always advisable to visit the premises of your potential movers.  This way, you can see their fleet of moving trucks, their moving equipment and have a conversation with their representatives. For these reasons,  experts often suggest finding a local moving company to hire. Of course, this is an ideal set of circumstances which is not very common.  Luckily, the internet is your helpful assistant here. You will find that dependable estate moving companies use this media to present their vehicles and other equipment on their pages. Explore what you find, compare and then decide. Hopefully, you will eventually get a positive moving experience.

A fork lifter as an example of a piece of moving equipment a decent estate moving company uses

Equipment and staff are what to consider when choosing a moving company.

Staff – the true makings of a decent estate moving company

As you can see, in some cases, you won’t be able to visit the company by yourself. Then you might have to rely on your impression of the people you communicate with and the quality of their customer service. Reading customers’ review is also indicative of the quality of an estate moving company. Stories about these qualities of a moving company often spread through word-of-mouth. It might be a good idea to ask around among your friends about their experiences when deciding how to choose a reliable moving company. What makes a decent estate moving company great is the quality of service and professionalism their employees bring to every aspect of the job.

Get it in writing – an important factor to consider when choosing a moving company

We have already stated that it is necessary to request a written cost estimate. It is also a good idea to have all dealings in writing if possible. Some things may seem too trivial or unimportant to account for in writing. However, everything you leave unaccounted for can leave an opening for the movers to overcharge you. Many moving companies charge extra fees for different services and in some cases even refuse to move certain items. If you get all agreed on in writing from the very beginning, you will always know where you stand. Experts also warn that signing a blank contract with your moving company is too risky. Although the movers may seem highly reliable, this leaves you completely unprotected.


As you can see, so many different things go into the makings of a decent estate moving company. You have to be aware of their history with other clients and we have provided you with the resources for checking the reliability of the movers. A company that offers a realistic written estimate is the one that creates the impression of reliability from the start. Offering insurance for your valuables will separate the great ones from the vast number of average movers. Professional staff and appropriate equipment are at the heart of any decent estate moving company. Complete transparency of costs and expectations will make the whole experience hassle-free.