Manhattan’s best neighborhoods to raise kids

So, you have moving with your whole family to Manhattan in mind. That sounds like a really great idea. All of you must be pretty excited about this upcoming change in your lives. We all know that Manhattan is famous for being the most prestigious borough in New York City. Also, it is well known from movies to people from all around the world. In addition, many tourists are visiting this borough every year. However, it can be very difficult to decide in which neighborhood in Manhattan you want to move with your family. That is why we are here. In our text, you will find out which are Manhattan’s best neighborhoods to raise kids.

So Ho

Firstly, we have to mention So Ho. At first, it was an industrial neighborhood that was not so expensive for living. For that reason, many artists came there and moved into illegal lofts. However, today it is whole another story. It is a very expensive neighborhood. Moreover, it has many pricey art galleries, designer shops, and cafes. In some parts, streets are still paved in the original Belgian cobblestones. This is what evokes a strong European vibe. In addition, So Ho is famous for its cast-iron facades. Definitely, it has the most cast-iron buildings in the United States of America. Also, it is important to mention that they were constructed in the second part of the nineteenth century. It has to offer many excellent restaurants where you can go with your whole family. If your children happen to be art lovers, So Ho can be an ideal place for you. So, waste no more time and contact to start organizing a smooth relocation.

A view of So Ho as one of Manhattan's best neighborhoods to raise kids.

If you like a strong European vibe, then So Ho may be the best option for you and your family.


One of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods is Tribeca. Importantly, it has good schools for children. Moreover, Tribeca is a very safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. If you decide to relocate there with your family, you should hire helpful movers that are always there for you. In order to find them, you can ask your friends and family for recommendations. Moreover, you can always check the internet.

Nowadays, there are so many professional moving companies that you can choose from. However, you have to be very careful. We strongly advise you to contact more companies before you finally decide which one you want to hire. Do not forget to ask everything that may interest you. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for the prices of their services. Also, keep in mind that not everything is included in the price that is on their site. So, feel free to ask all the questions.


Also, one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods for raising kids is Harlem. Interestingly, it was originally a Dutch village. Today, it has great schools for children of all ages: elementary, middle schools, and high schools. Also, it has a couple of great universities and colleges. In addition, one can find excellent libraries in Harlem. When public transport is in question, this neighborhood has a subway. Many people use it. If you have in mind moving to your brand new home in Harlem, then you should know that moving by yourself is not an option. Therefore, call your professional relocation company right now for help. If you leave everything to the experts, you will have nothing to stress about.

A street in Manhattan.

If you decide to relocate to Harlem with your whole family, make sure to call your professional moving company for help.

Washington Heights

Washington Heights is Manhattan’s great neighborhood for people with children. It has an annual art festival which is an excellent thing to see. Also, it is a great place for people who love sports. Moreover, it has many beautiful parks that are excellent for the ones who love recreation. In addition, those parks are ideal for spending quality time with a family. If you have pets, then those parks in Washington Heights will be great for them also. You can always walk your dog there with your loved ones.

Battery Park City is one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods

Battery Park City in Manhattan is a residential area. We have to mention that it has great educational institutions and libraries. Also, it has an excellent health care system and a low crime rate. When housing is in question, in Battery Park City you can find many beautiful and spacious apartments for your family. Moreover, it has many open spaces and parks that are ideal for family fun. One of the great places in Manhattan’s neighborhood is Teardrop Park. Many people love spending their free time there with their kids and friends. It is ideal for walking your dog also. In addition, Battery Park City has a couple of museums which is a great thing for all people who like history. If you decide to relocate there, you can visit those museums during weekends with your family.

A street in Manhattan

If you have in mind moving to Battery Park City, then you will have a great choice of spacious apartments to choose from for you and your loved ones.

Hamilton Heights

Finally, Hamilton Heights is a mainly residential part of Manhattan. It is a very diverse place, which means that you will have a chance to meet new people from all over the world if you move there with your family. When housing is in question, this neighborhood has buildings with very spacious flats. Also, the houses there are very elegant. Moreover, we have to mention that Hamilton Heights also has both row houses and brownstone houses. In addition, you can also find some beautiful parks there. Importantly, it is an excellent place for people with kids, because it has excellent schools and libraries. Due to all of this, Hamilton Heights is one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods to raise children.