Louisiana cities young professionals are moving to

You’ve just graduated and want to move to pursue your career? If you made Louisiana your final choice, you won’t be beaten. This place offers strong-preserved Southern bayou culture mixed with low-cost living immersed in a subtropical climate. The strong economy of the state builds upon rich agriculture and local production of petroleum. Also, the cost of housing and utility rates are as low as to fit everyone’s wallet. Besides that, Louisiana is one of the most attractive places for starting a business association. Each year numerous companies expand their business and propose exciting opportunities for young working professionals. Diversity of work field is main characteristics of Louisiana cities young professionals are moving to. If you already think in terms of moving your business to Louisana, you are surely on the road to success for your future company endeavors. If case you still can’t decide on the city you would settle down in, open your heart and start scrolling down.

Baton Rouge

The capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, makes the top-notch port city and is home to many national oil companies. It’s located along the wide Mississipi river. As the second-largest city in the country, it’s proud to be home to multiple competitive engineering, medical, shipping and transportation, and petrochemical industries. Besides these, great employment offers can be found in the field of education and tourism. Rapid industrial growth in these fields creates prospects for ambitious newcomers. So, the constantly growing economy of the city makes this place a great stepping stone for young professionals.

A big blue-white ship in the port.
Some of the busiest ports in the world are located in Louisiana.

In conclusion, affordability and the cost of purchasing a home is on par with the national average. It’s one of the main reasons that make it a great place to put down your roots.


Are you looking for a strong traditional taste of Cajun food and culture? You just arrived in Lafayette. A place with the richest cultural diversity you have ever seen. Also, a real gem of the town is the number of youngsters that move each year. Around half of the population of the city are adults below the age of 34. This city offers a convenient life that includes affordable health care, transportation, food, and housing. If you got enticed by the livability of this city, chances are that you are scheduling a professional moving company soon. Even though moving can get complicated and stressful, there are ways to split the weight. Every moving company suggests using storage as additional space for your belongings. In this way, you can preserve safely your items and protect them and take them out once you find the ideal home for you.


This beautiful city is located along the Red River in the middle of the state. Alexandria is a pretty quiet and safe city, perfect for raising a family and settling down. The main local industries of the town are centered around services, retail, military, and manufacturing. If you are working in one of these fields, there is great news for you. They’re all located near since Alexandria’s modest size makes an average commute time of only 18 minutes. When searching for a unique home in the city, it’s of huge importance that utilities, services, parks, and groceries store are easily accessible.

Orleans is one of Louisiana cities young professionals are moving to.
Louisiana is home to a large number of opportunity-growth cities young professionals are moving to

Besides that, Alexandria is a fun place to be. With numerous community events and jazz music festivals this place offers a great place for all youngsters to enjoy.


The city is home to cotton producers and rich agricultural activities. It’s ranked among the most suitable Louisiana cities young professionals are moving to. Houses for sale are with the lowest prices in the whole country. The strong economy of Shreveport provides its residents with high employment possibilities and offers. Freshly graduated youngsters are especially privileged since the city’s technology sector is growing gradually. In case you consider moving your freshly started business to Shreveport, know that it doesn’t have to necessarily be a hassle. Moving of entire company involves advanced planning than household relocation. Nevertheless, a trustworthy moving company can get you started no matter where you go.

Bossier City

This is a true small town with huge possibilities for everyone. It’s located just on the other side of the Red River, creating a charming sisterhood with Shreveport. With its beautiful infrastructure, the city has a lot to offer in the tourism industry. Also, Bossier city sticks out for its reputable schooling system. Youngsters can decide to master their studies at Louisiana Tech University. Each year, large companies are sprouting up in all areas of the city, creating new job opportunities for aspiring professionals. Extremely affordable cost of living is another reason why many new residents decide to settle down in Bossier City. Only after you have made the final decision to move to this charming area, it’s important to consider important steps to do so. Many moving experts advise getting a safe unit for extra items before you relocate your valuables. While you are looking carefully for the home of your dreams, your valuables are safely kept.

New Orleans

The largest, the most creative, and the fastest of Louisiana cities young professionals are moving to. New Orleans is a great place for those who can handle a face-paced and urban lifestyle. Firstly, because features crazy nightlife and offers an unforgettable experience of many town festivals. Also, it’s ranked as one of the most fun places to live in the U.S. A mother of all festivals of Louisiana, Mardi Gras is by far the biggest attraction of the city. It is celebrated 47 days before Easter. This city is mostly known for its massive production of oil and petroleum. Also, it has one of the busiest ports all around the globe. The areas of New Orleans are extremely diverse for their property values, crime rates, and job opportunities. Youngsters usually choose Gentilly, Algiers Point, or Old Mandeville.

Parade costumes hung on the balcony.
A colorful celebration of Mardi Gras is full of different musical flavors and traditional food scents.


Louisiana is a heart-welcoming place with a moderate climate with lovely scenery and nature around. A low tax base makes it attractive for newcomers. The Bayou state’s vast production and diversity of industries give hopes for the employment of young professionals. The state gives constant economical opportunities. Right after you moved your valuables in the city you fell in love with, it’s time to explore the amenities around. Each city is unique and grants something for everyone in Louisiana.