Long-distance and local moves: main differences

At a certain point in their life, almost everyone will or has relocated. One of the transitions we eventually go through as we move through different stages of life is moving. Planning and preparation are always necessary for a successful move. When relocating locally, you may frequently DIY and finish everything in a couple of days. Moving to a new home can be even faster when you hire the right expert to help you. Relocating across town versus moving across the country is very different. There are a number of different tactics that are necessary to become ready for a long-distance move. You need to consider your packing strategy and your financial capabilities. A trustworthy moving company must be by your side as well. Long-distance and local moves are very similar but different when you closely look at them.

Long-distance and local moves are very different

Every relocation has some characteristics in common. You pack your belongings, drive them to your new place in a car, unload them there, and then unpack them. Be aware of who you call for help because there can be some downsides when asking friends for help. The procedure is the same on a fundamental level. When it comes to the distance you need to know about the differences between long and local moves. You need to know the following

  • What is a Local Move?
  • What is a Long-Distance Move?
  • Things to Consider When Moving

If you are moving for the first time. Then these terms can be very confusing. Therefore, you need to be aware of the definition before the move. So, you can see what type of relocation you need.

A person using a laptop for research about local and long distance moves
You need to know the difference between certain moves. 

What is a Local Move?

Local movers often take care of moves within a town, city, metropolitan area, or nearby suburbs. These moves are intrastate, or inside the same state, usually at a relatively close distance. Local moves, according to many movers, are those that are 50 to 70 miles away. You need to prepare everything on time so the process goes smoothly. Professionals can be very helpful in this process especially if you never moved before.

Person driving a car to the new house with their belongings
You can drive and take some of the belongings with you when moving locally. The professionals can relocate the rest.

What is a Long-Distance Move?

A long-distance move, particularly one that involves crossing state boundaries, is frequently more of an interstate move. To protect your items during the long journey. Long-distance movers need specific skills. If they are moving across state lines, they also need insurance to cover various locations and policies. You can take advantage of the fact you can sell and buy a house at the same time. Depending on how far you’re traveling, long-distance moves may be measured in days as opposed to hours. During transportation, movers will need to secure the vehicle and your valuables. Your car, boat, motorcycle, or other vehicles can also be transported for you by long-distance movers.

There will be differences in cost between Long-distance and local moves

The cost of your move can vary depending on whether you’re moving locally or across the country. The price of moving varies in line with changes in demand. Moving firms’ “peak season” runs from late spring to late summer. During this time, moving services are more in use, their schedules are busier, and there are fewer trucks available. As a result, rates increase. The day you decide to relocate is very important, especially for local moves. People move during transitional times for lease durations, therefore the beginning and conclusion of a month are always more in demand. Weekends are busier.