Leaving San Francisco for a new job in Denver: how to organize the transfer

There are various factors that can affect one’s decision to change their place of living. Sometimes, the decision is mandatory due to circumstances, while other times it is a personal desire. In general, it doesn’t matter whether you are leaving San Francisco for a new job in Denver or for some other reason, it is important to know how to organize the move. The process can be challenging, and it is recommended to have an expert guide to help navigate it. By knowing the potential obstacles in advance, you can work to avoid them. Try to remain calm and you will be able to successfully make the move.

Calculate your budget before leaving San Francisco for a new job in Denver

Once you receive an offer for a new job, you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed because of all the things you will have to do. But at least when it comes to getting from San Francisco to Denver, we can help you. Soon enough you will figure out that there are a lot of obligations waiting for you. But you need to know where to start and in which order you should move. To be able to do anything and move to the next step, you first need to know your budget. So prepare yourself for some calculating. Gather all numbers together. From your checks, savings, cash, and bank account. The amount you get in the end is the amount of money you need to work with until your next income.

When you know the budget in total, you need to set a limit. And the only way to do that is to subtract all the expenses you will have in the following weeks. Be aware that experts are the best assistance when it comes to settling in, also known as professional movers. That means that you will have to put some money aside that you will use to pay for their services. Also, if you don’t have a new home provided by your new company, make sure that you are able to pay for at least three rents in advance. Don’t forget to leave enough money for food and for other needs, as well, because this is something you have to have every day.

Money in a jar with a plant.
When leaving San Francisco for a new job in Denver, you should be financially secure to make the relocation happen.

Once you know your budget, it is time to find proper movers

In general, there are two options when it comes to putting the move into motion. One is to relocate on your own, and the second option is to hire professional movers. Moving with professionals has many advantages, and it is definitely better than doing it on your own. Especially when you are relocating for the first time. It will be more affordable, and they will do everything for you. This is especially important because you will have other things to think about, such as your new job and settling in. Now, you just need to know how you can find movers and what services you are looking for.

There are plenty of moving companies out there on the market. Both in San Francisco and Denver. And when it comes to the moment when you have to choose one, it can be very tricky. People never know who to trust and who to choose. Especially since there are lots of scammers around. That is why you first need to make a list of your needs and, according to them, find movers that can provide you with services that will help you. Now when the list is shorter, you need to call each moving company and ask them everything you would like to know. That said, make sure you prepare questions to ask movers when you have a meeting with them.

Get packing supplies before moving to Denver

To be able to pack up your entire household, you need to have proper supplies to do it. What you can do, for example, is find alternatives for actual packing supplies. We all have suitcases, old bags, boxes, and linen that we could use for packing. This way, you won’t have to spend any money on materials. But if you do, you can always buy proper moving supplies in bookstores or craft shops. However, be prepared to pay a lot for everything. Then again, for utter convenience, remember that moving companies can provide you with packing services, but also with moving supplies. You will pay a little bit more, but you will have everything you need.

Moving boxes you need to prepare when leaving San Francisco for a new job in Denver.
To be able to pack, you need to have the material first.

Packing is very challenging, so you better prepare yourself

Maybe you already know this so far, but packing is a part of relocation that lasts the longest and is the most challenging one. If you don’t prepare properly, you will be in a mess. Literally. We recommend you make a plan and organize your packing. The best would be to pack room by room while making sure you are packing them one room at a time. This way, chances of your mixing up belongings will be brought down to a minimum. Also, you should start from the room you use the least and move up to the room that you use the most. Taking packing services is also an option, but not if you are moving on a tight budget.

Make sure to prepare an essential box

Sometimes movers don’t arrive at your doorstep at the exact moment you expect them to arrive. And because of that, you need to have an essential box. Pack things that you will need for work and things that are necessary to have in the beginning.

People walking in a park in Denver.
Explore Denver outside of work as well.

Let the movers help you out

It is normal to feel anxious when you are leaving San Francisco for a new job in Denver. After all, you are about to change everything and move to the unknown. That is why you need to let movers help you out with everything they can. While they worry about relocating you from one place to another, you can deal with other things. Especially with saying goodbye and learning more about Denver.