Kids-friendly outdoor activities in Miami

Having children requires serious work and organization. The role of a parent encompasses many skills and is a great responsibility. When choosing a place to live, when you have children, you have to think about a lot of things. Apart from worrying about their future, you also have to think about what a certain place can offer them now. In addition to good encouragement, children also need entertainment. Visiting kids-friendly outdoor activities in Miami is a great way to have a good time with your family, experience something new together, and bond even better.

You can find numerous kids-friendly outdoor activities in Miami

For a start, Miami is a vast city, a coastal metropolis that attracts people from all parts of the world and people of all ages. It is large, colorful, and offers everyone the opportunity to find what they need, whether it is – an apartment, a job, or entertainment. Whatever you are looking for, this city can provide you with the help of movers and you can be easily in the center of events. Moving with a kid in Miami has never been easier. Once you are here, there are almost countless kids-friendly outdoor activities in Miami you can experience. From many beaches of Miami to different events that are newer endings with outdoor museums and Zoos. There are activities that every tourist knows about, and if you want to see something special and additionally enrich the experience, then visit with children:

  • Venetian pool
  • Zoo Miami
  • Seaquarium
  • Jungle Island
  • Everglades National Park

Apart from this, Miami has a lot to offer a family, so moving to this city is always a good choice.

Popular spring-water-filled pools

In a beautiful Coral Gables, down De Soto boulevard lies the magnificent Venetian Pool.  Once a stone quarry, turned into Mediterranean-style pools, today known as Venetian pool is a great place to spend a day with your family. A manmade pool that is built here is large and filled with spring water that comes from beneath the aquifer. At first glance, it looks like an oasis. With rocks, palm trees, small waterfalls, and coves to explore. Today, this place is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places.

Meet the wonders of nature

Every kid wants to go to Zoo because they have a constant desire to explore something new that they haven’t seen before. The zoo is a great kids-friendly outdoor activity in Miami and only a few attractions in this city can compare to this place. If you decide to go to Zoo Miami, remember to book tickets ahead. It knows to be crowded. This is one of the must-see South Florida places. Besides animals, Zoo poses over a thousand different species of plants and trees.  With over five hundred different species and a total of three thousand animals, on over seven hundred acres this place will turn your whole day visit into a beautiful memory.

A zoo keeper feeding giraffes.
Have a magnificent day.

Part of see world

Seaquarium should be your next spot in your kid’s friendly tour. Endless fun for kids, and most likely for the adults too. You can see a show with a killer whale, or dolphins maybe. An extraordinary feeling is swimming in the pools beside dolphins and seals too. These two mammals live underwater, and they are very friendly to humans. When you finish swimming, you can go and try to play with the penguins. Check out the flamingos enjoying the sun and admire their beauty. As you can see, this could be endless fun for your kids these are just the main attractions of the Seaquarium, and this place has a lot more to offer.

Miami Seaqurium
This is one of the funniest kids-friendly outdoor activities in Miami

Head down the Watson Island

One of the best kid-friendly outdoor activities in Miami is the crazy fun park, Jungle Island. Formerly known as a parrot island, with over a thousand parrot varieties, it is known as one of the best places to have fun. It was recently renovated and now it is probably the best attraction. There is a petting Zoo where you can encounter play with some of the rare animals like kangaroos, capybaras, giant tortoises, lemurs, sloths, and even flamingos. This place is not only a petting zoo but so much more. Here you can embark on a Zipline that is long a bit over a 600 ft. or watch live shows that are designed for kids, and in later hours for grownups. Once you pass the gates, you are literally entering the jungle. You will dip down to a botanical garden that is crowded with macaws and a fun-packed adventure.

Beautiful wilderness

Everglades National Park is a charming place that is wearing the title of the largest subtropical wetlands in the U.S. This enormous wilderness will give a chance for an amusing and wild outdoor adventure in Miami. Marshes, Flatwoods, and mangroves are home to some specific animal inhabitants. One of them is the most famous American crocodile. Among many fun kinds of stuff, one stands out in particular. Airboat tours are incredible. Shark Valley offers one of the best outdoor cycling tracks in Florida. Shark Valley has a visitor center where you can all the information and tour-related staff will advise you and direct you to everything you need. This is an awesome one-day trip for a whole family. You can easily find a great place nearby for a living if you consult professionals. Moving with the family will require you to make a moving plan and calculate the costs properly. An experienced moving company can help you with everything related to moving after you find your home. You can be close to this paradise if you want, fast and easy.

Warning sign
Meet some beautiful animals

Kids-friendly outdoor activities in Miami are a great reason to get out of the house and have a good time. Each of them is special in its own way and will provide you with some new knowledge.