Japan air freight forwarding – How to do it?

There are many ways to transport goods across the globe. And although air freight is the newest of the three transport modules it is a very popular one. Other two modules are transports via road and sea. Japan air cargo forwarding enables the shipment to be delivered earlier and to avoid multiple customs and countries. That is why you should pick the best possible transport company. That means picking one that is able to deal with all the peculiarities. Kokusai Express Moving is one of the companies that offer you all three modalities of transport. Of course, including Japan air freight forwarding.

In addition to this, they offer a combination of two or three in order to provide you with the best service possible. To top it all off, they are capable of dealing with all the necessary documentation, laws and regulations. This is extremely important when dealing with international transport.  They will also find the best possible route for the shipment. It is always better to choose a company that has experience and reputation, which is why you should consider Kokusai Express Air Freight Japan. They are driven by passion and business challenges and focus especially on the satisfaction of their customers.


Find a copmany offering all sorts of Japan air freight forwarding services

Logistics companies in Japan offer a variety of Japan air freight forwarding services with focus on quality and safety

Like we have already mentioned, there are three ways to transport your goods across the globe. Air freight isn’t as popular as the sea freight for example, but it enables the cargo to get to the desired destination much faster. It is also the best option for some peculiar items, such as pharmaceuticals. Cargo can be transported via air in a couple of different ways:

  • You could use the passenger aircraft, like the one everyone rides. Cargo is placed in the space left out when all of the passenger’s baggage is on the airplane. This type of service is called Belly cargo, indicating that the goods are in the belly of the airplane.
  • You can not transport a lot of merchandise this way which is why there is another option – a cargo aircraft. They have only one purpose – to transport goods from one destination to another. You can transport a lot of goods this way.
  • The third option is called combi aircraft, which also enables you to transport cargo on a passengers’ flight. The only difference is that it can transport bigger quantities.


Although Kokusai Express Japan offers you speed and accuracy when it comes to air freight. But, their main concern has always been safety. Laws in Japan do not allow certain dangerous goods to be transported this way because there is a chance for an explosion or fire. There are strict rules in place when it comes to air freight, as well as domestic and international laws to obey. If you are not sure which type of cargo is considered dangerous, you can check here some examples.

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    Is transport via air the best option for your cargo?


  • Flammable gas
  • Pyrophoric materials
  • Non-flammable or non-toxic gas
  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable liquids
  • Organic peroxide


In the 21st century, we have unlimited resources available to us. We have everything at our disposal to find the best business to cooperate with. But, freight forwarding has increased tremendously through globalization. Now, there are so many businesses around. It can be very difficult to choose the best one. So, what should you do? There are a couple of things you need to look for when choosing your air freight forwarder:

  • Make sure your forwarder has experience in air cargo transport. They should also have good cooperation with other companies, airports, warehouses, and storage.
  • Check if your Japanese air freight forwarder is capable of dealing with different transport modules in case that you require it.
  • Before signing any contract do a deep background check. See if the company you chose has all the necessary licenses and permissions. Also, check if  they have no history of misconduct when it comes to obeying rules and regulations
  • Check the cost of the service with a couple of other Japan air freight forwarding companies.  Compare if the price is too high or suspiciously low
  • Make sure that the company has a user-friendly system of tracking, so you can know at any moment where is your cargo


  • Japan has a very specific geographical position, which enables it to stay connected with many different parts of the world. In the globalization area, this is very important. Any little business can reach the most remote parts of the globe. And the best thing is that they can hire someone else to do it. That is, essentially, the role of Freight Forwarders. First of all, they should know how to use the geographical position of their home country to their advantage. That means that they should know how to create the best possible routes. But, it also means something else. They should know not only the theory but the practice as well.
  • Working with other companies and making long lasting partnerships is especially important in Japanese culture. Eastern cultures are different from the West mostly in their pace and the way they set out priorities. And just like it is important to hire the best company for your move or take care of safety when you move, it is equally important to choose a freight forwarding company that is reputable and will prioritize safety and quality over speed and pricing.
  • The third important thing is the way company treats the customers. Like we have mentioned, it is customary in Japan to strive for long-lasting business partnerships, based on mutual understanding and respect. It is preferred to be fair and benefit in the long run, then try to scam the customer and earn on them. Have this in mind when deciding which Japan Air Freight Forwarding company are you going to choose.