What are the items your movers won’t move?

Moving is not an easy job to do. It requires a lot of time, planning and it can be really stressful. Start preparing and organizing yourself at least two months ahead. Make a checklist and write down everything you have to do. The checklist will reduce your stress and keep you organized at all times. Also, you should start exercising so you can be fully prepared for the moving day. People usually hire a professional moving company to assist or to do the job instead of them. Movers will pack your belongings, load a moving truck, relocate and unpack. However, there are some items your movers won’t move and you should certainly know about those before the moving day comes.

What are the items your movers won’t move?

If you are questioning yourself why your mover won’t move all of your stuff, we have an answer. Every professional moving company always wants to keep their customers satisfied and also not to lose their good reputation. There are some things that your mover will reject to move because of legal, safety or ethical reasons. Almost every household has items that movers consider dangerous for transportation. Now, let’s see what are the items your movers won’t move?

  • Perishables
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Hazardous items
  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Jewelry and documents
  • Cleaning supplies

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First of all, separate all perishable items. Meat, previously opened containers, frozen and fresh (fruits and vegetables) food are the items your movers won’t move. Transportation can take all day and it won’t be safe to eat that food after the move. What can you do then? The best option is to use up all the perishable food before the moving day.

Try to buy only the necessary things when you go to the store a week before the move. Also, you can always give food to your friends or neighbors.

Perishable food is one of the items your movers won't move.

Your movers won’t pack and transport perishable food such as fruits, vegetables or frozen meals.

Guns and ammunition

Any type of firearms, guns, and ammunition won’t be moved. If you own a gun and ammunition, you should leave them at your federally licensed firearms dealer and they will eventually ship them to you. Every state has their own regulations about guns, firearms, and ammunition so this is something you should take care of yourself.

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Hazardous items

Another category of items your movers won’t move is definitely hazardous items. Movers are not allowed to transport any corrosive, explosive and flammable items. Items like this are really dangerous and in case of an explosion, they can cause serious injuries or even death. So, if you possess any hazardous items, you should take care of those yourself or get rid of them on time. Here is the list of some hazardous items:

  • Fireworks
  • Black powder
  • Matches and lighter fluid
  • Acids
  • Signal flares
  • Motor oil and antifreeze
  • Kerosene and gasoline
  • Lamp oil
  • Dyes
  • Fluid cleaners
Flaring matches.

Matches and lighter fluid are not safe for transportation.


You should make a plan on how to move your pet because professional mover won’t do it. A professional moving company won’t move your pet or any other kind of animal. The temperature in the transportation vehicle can change very fast and that is not safe for your lovely pet at all. And of course, why would you even put your little friend into a moving truck? Poor thing will be scared. The best option is to put your pet inside your car. In case you cant, hire some professional pet movers. Do you have a lovely dog? Here are some dog-friendly cities to move to!


Plants are fragile and they won’t survive a long distance move in the back of a moving truck. If you have a lot of live plants, the best solution to keep them that way is to give them away. You certainly have friends and neighbors who will gladly accept a beautiful plant or three.

Some moving companies will accept and move your plants if it’s a short distance move in question. But, did you know that it is illegal for moving companies to transport houseplants if the move is longer than 150 miles? To move plants over the border or longer than 150 miles, movers must have a special license.

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Purple flowers.

Home plants are very fragile and they can be damaged or destroyed during transportation.

Jewelry and documents

Some movers will accept to move your documents and jewelry, but this is not a good idea. Even though you will definitely have moving insurance, things like irreplaceable documents and very valuable and expensive jewelry should stay with you during the move. Items such as passport, money, ID or drivers license, medical records and other should be with you all the time. Pack all these things into one box or a briefcase and load it into your car. You can also use a small safe to protect documents, money, and jewelry better.

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Cleaning Supplies

Items your movers won’t move are definitely cleaning supplies. Movers won’t pack or load them into the moving truck. Cleaning supplies can spill inside of a moving truck and can cause damage to your other belongings inside. So, the best option is to get rid of them or give them to your family, friends or neighbors if you possess plenty.

Don’t worry about cleaning supplies. Things like that we are buying almost every week to keep our house fresh and clean. Cleaning supplies are not expensive at all so it’s best if you just throw them away and buy new ones when you arrive at your new destination.

Five bottles of cleaning supplies.

Cleaning supplies are cheap so get rid of those! You will buy new ones when you arrive at your new destination.

Special Items

You should know that some moving companies won’t move extremely heavy items, such as a grand piano, hot tubs or pool tables. If you have a lot of items like these, you should search for a moving company who offers this kind of special services.

Those were the items your movers won’t move. We hope this article was useful and helpful. Best luck and happy move!