Items movers will not agree to move

Moving is something almost everyone goes through at least once in a lifetime. This is why getting all the information you can about the process is very important. And one of the things that you need to know is just what are some items movers will not agree to move. Hiring a moving company is a must, no matter how long or short distance your move is. Professional movers make moving much easier and less stressful. But there are certain items that your movers will not agree to move. The reasons are different and this is where you will be able to read everything you need to know. If one of the things on this list is something you have at home and you need to move, have in mind that you will have to find an alternative way to relocate these items because most moving companies won’t.

Dangerous items

One of the things movers don’t want to deal with is items that are dangerous. Things such as firearms won’t be moved by professional movers. We have to mention this since there are plenty of states where owning firearms is legal and there are a lot of people owning them. To relocate a gun safe for example, you will have to hire gun safe movers. This is an additional expense but one you have to make since there is no other way for you to relocate them. DIY moving your firearms is against the law.

Moving firearms requires special care and attention.

Gasoline and Oxygen bottles also fall under this category. A lot can go wrong when relocating these items. The same goes for lighter fluid and fireworks. These are not items everyone has at home which is why movers will certainly not move them for you. You will have to do it yourself even if moving locally.

Valuable items and documents

We all have family inheritance in our homes. And no matter whether it is jewelry, heirlooms, or cash, this is not something movers will want to handle during the move. These are things you will have to take care of yourself. Since they are pretty valuable, you can’t really rely on other people to take care of them. And you shouldn’t. A lot can go wrong during moving and the moving company doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage that can be caused. The same goes for your personal documents. You shouldn’t let anybody but yourself handle them.

Relocate the valuables yourself.


Moving food is pretty pointless if you were to ask us. There is no need to do this. Unfortunately, a lot of people get the idea that doing it is the right thing to do. Just donate the leftover food you have at home if it is in validity date and if it is canned. Moving food just doesn’t make any sense. Especially large amounts of food.