International transport of personal belongings

Here comes that happy day when you finally got the right to permanent residence in another state. You are glad to start collecting things. And then you realize that it will not be possible to carry out such a big move on your own. You begin to frantically ring up all your friends, with a timid hope to learn from them how to move to another state and at the same time not to forget your husband’s favorite couch or mother’s chair. In this article we will try to help in such a difficult and big business as an international transport.

We will begin with the fact that there are two main criteria on which the cost of transporting the goods depends. It is the distance and the value of the cargo.

Transport by rail

The transport of furniture and personal belongings by rail can be carried out only in 20-ton containers. The railway delivers the container to the client’s house, and for additional payment you can order the services of loaders. Terms of the transport of personal belongings are strictly observed by the railway. And the container will arrive at the destination in accordance with the schedule.

But such a service is offered only by cities that have the railway stations. For the transport of a container to the customs border, it is necessary to pay a lot of money. To that amount you can add expenses of the transport of goods through the territory of other states, customs fees and the delivery of the container from the destination station to a new home or office. In addition, the safety of things in the container is not guaranteed. Also, all exported items are subject to mandatory inspection by the customs authority at the departure station. Plus, making claims to the quality of transport is difficult due to participation in the process of railway lines of different states. In general, it turns out to be trouble, expensive and bustling.

Air transport of personal belongings

The advantages of this type of transport include high speed of delivery, minimal risks of damage to the transported things and the ability to deliver to any country in the world by one way of transport. However, airlines start and finish their work only on cargo terminals at the places of their departure or arrival. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extra for delivery of cargo to the airport. They can also charge you for

transport and handling operations in the state of final destination at the rates existing there. It is not uncommon for cases of detail inspection of all seats at departure and destination airports. And the cost of transport may not be the same with the different air carriers.

international transport by air

Fastest way of transport

With air transport, the moving companies provide a full range of services and relieve the client of the “headache”. This package of services includes: packing, collection of documents required for customs clearance, flight booking, air transport, customs clearance of cargo, delivery to the destination, transfer to the premises, removal of packaging debris.

International transport of personal belongings by road

moving truck

It’s the cheapest

If you need a service of international transport of personal belongings to European countries, then the best way to transport your cargo will bе by road. At its core, this is a very reliable and minimally expensive option for the delivery of goods. The main advantage of this method of delivery of things outside the country is the lowest cost. Moreover, the acceptance and unloading of your things will take place directly to your new home.

In this case, with the correct choice of the moving company, full service with packing, loading, the transport and customs clearance is possible. The cost of the service in fact includes not only delivery of goods from door to door, but also loading and unloading in another state.

In the case of international transport by road, customs control at each customs border is also a need; during the transport the moving company is responsible for the state of the goods.

The process of international transport

How does the process of international transport of personal belongings go? The answer is:

  1. There is an application for the transport of personal belongings to a specific country.
  2. The client and the company agree on the time and date of the valuation of the exported property.
  3. On that day and hour the representative of the company comes in. Then he assesses the property taken out by the client.
  4. The company assigns the date and time of packing the client’s things for sending to the country of destination.
  5. The client’s things are packed and delivered to the warehouse of responsible storage.
  6. Then follows the process of collecting all necessary documents for customs clearance and booking vehicles. For the air transport that means booking a flight.
  7. If necessary, the moving company assists in obtaining permission from the Ministry of Culture to export overseas items falling under the permission of the Ministry of Culture. But that does not include the subjects of the national heritage and cultural value.
  8. Packed things of the client are delivered to the customs terminal, pass customs clearance and are transported to the country of final destination.
  9. Upon the arrival of the client’s things on the customs terminal in the country of destination, the customs clearance process takes place.
  10. Then the company delivers things to the client’s address in the country of destination.

During the entire international transport of personal belongings, the employee of the company informs the client about the location of his belongings and the state of dispatch on a daily basis. Thus, the company simplifies the process of transporting things for the client as much as possible. At the same time, the client always knows where his things are.