How to store kid’s toys

Every kid loves toys. And every parent wishes to give everything to their kids so they can have a happy childhood. That’s why you can end up buying too many toys. And all of a sudden, your home becomes a large playground. There are toys everywhere you go. So, to keep your home clean, you need to know how to store kid’s toys. Here you’ll find some ideas for storing.

How to store kids’ toys – Use the toy boxes 

Storing your kid’s toys in boxes is always the best idea. Boxes come in every color, pattern, the size, so you can be playful when picking the one that will go to your kid’s room. They can have covers or not. They are also one of the packing supplies for a household move you can use. So, you can use them as moving boxes if you decide to relocate in the future. With boxes, your home or the kid’s room can always be clean and tidy. 

Frog Toy - Store kid's toys
You can store kid’s toys in several ways.

Store your kid’s toys under the bed

When it comes to storing your kid’s toys, use all the free space that you can find in the kid’s room. And one of those places is under the bed. You can also use the above-mentioned boxes and put them under the bed. Your other option is flat rolling bins. You can pull them from underneath the bed easily so they are ideal for kid’s toys. Also, if you plan to buy a new bed for your kid, consider purchasing the one with built-in drawers and shelves. This way you’ll not have to buy additional storage solutions.

Basket and bins

These are the most useful toy storage ideas. Like boxes, they exist in many colors and sizes. So, pick the one that fits the rest of your kid’s room. Also, consider using one of the 6 best plastic storage bins of 2021. Baskets and bins can also fit with bookshelves, where they can serve as decorations and additional storage space. Also, you can color-code your storage bins. So, think about using them.

The closet

If you don’t have any additional space in your kid’s room, use its closet as storage. Consider maximizing the closet space with hangers. This way, you’ll keep the bottom of the closet free from clothes. Also, you may install more shelves for clothes if you can’t hang all of them. You can use the boxes here as well and put them at the closet bottom. So, you can see, there are endless options when it comes to utilizing the closet space. There is no need to buy additional pieces of furniture since you can use the closet. 

Child Room Interior Design
Make sure you use all the available space in your kid’s room for storing toys.

Rent storage unit

Besides these ways to store kid’s toys in your home, you can rent a storage unit. But, you need to know how to rent a perfect storage unit. There are several ways to do it: 

  • Get recommendations from family and friends. 
  • Search on the Internet. Research storage units near you, and see what comes up. But, don’t forget to read customer reviews and comments about the unit you consider renting.
  • Visit the storage unit’s official websites and read about their units and fees.