How to pack your kitchen appliances for the move

Is it time to move and pack? Part of every moving process is packing your kitchen, so how to do it? Almost every kitchen has appliances, small or big, it does not matter. Pack your kitchen appliances for the move easily and successfully. We have the right guide that may help you with this task.

Besides kitchen appliances, you need to pack dishes, pots, non-perishable food, and don’t forget to pack an essential box when moving. You will need to eat after moving in, so make sure to pack all the necessary items from the kitchen for a few days after moving, especially if you are moving with kids.

Pack your kitchen appliances for the move
Pack your appliances properly, it is not hard

Tips to pack your kitchen appliances for the move

We have some simple tips that will help you pack and move your kitchen appliances like a pro. They will be transported without damages if you pack them properly.

Cooking in a new kitchen.
After moving, set up you new kitchen and make your favorite dishes

Gather all the kitchen appliances

Collect all the appliances you have and decide what you want to move and not to move? Think about designing a kitchen and the size of your new kitchen. Will all kitchen appliances fit in, do you have enough space? Items you don’t want to move, sell, or donate to someone.

Clean and disassemble

Before packing kitchen appliances, make sure they are clean and remove all loose parts. It is safer that way and also, the disassembled appliances will take less space in the moving box. Clean and thoroughly dry each part of the appliance.

Pick the right box

If you have the original box for the kitchen appliance, it is the best way to pack. But, most people don’t have the original box, so what to do in that case? You will need a few small- to medium-sized boxes (depending on how many appliances you have). Tape the bottom flaps of all boxes and they should be ready.

Pack the appliance

Now it is time to pack – when you have boxes and after cleaning appliances. First, line the box with packing paper, crumple sheets of paper, and add them to the bottom, that will prevent items from damaging. During transportation, boxes will be carried and moved from one place to another. Make sure the appliance cannot move inside of a moving box. Add packing paper to fill the gaps and empty space in the box.

Secure the box and label

To pack properly your kitchen appliances for the move, close the box and tape it. Think about unpacking and how to know what is inside of a moving box without opening it. Label each box and you won’t lose a lot of time when unpacking after moving. Clean your new home including your kitchen and find a new place where to store them.