How to pack electronics when moving

Every house nowadays has electronic devices. TV, laptop,  game consoles, phones, etc. When moving, it is part of the process to move those items too. How to pack electronics when moving without damage? If you are new at this, don’t worry, we have some simple tips for you and your packing process will be easy and successful at the same time.

Tips – pack electronics when moving

We are living in a golden age of technology and most of us have a lot of devices. Those devices are not cheap, so make sure they are properly packed, especially if you are moving long-distance. The first thing you will need is packing material and equipment. Pick packing supplies for a household move not only for the electronics.

Moving dolly to pack electronics when moving.
Pack like a pro, not only your electronics but also the rest of the household items

Follow manufacturers’ advice for packing if you have a guide, it is the best way to move them. They know the most and know which part are most sensitive. If you don’t have a guide, search that model online and there should be an explanation.

We have created some general rules about packing electronics when moving to a new place.

Make a backup

Before packing your PC, make a backup of all data and files, just in case if something goes wrong. Do this often, even when you are not moving. Also, take photos of electronic devices, how they are connected, so you will know to connect them after moving properly.

Take out any loose media

Remove the batteries and other loose parts of the electronic device. Battery corrosion can wreck electronic component and check in your DVD if something is inside and remove it. Many people forget that they left a CD inside.

Tech lab.
Electronic devices are part of everyday life

Use original boxes

The best option for packing electronics and music instruments is to use their original boxes. Prepare instruments for your upcoming move and electronics – clean them, remove loose parts and put them in the original box.

Find the right size moving boxes

Many of us throw original boxes after buying electronic device, so what to do in that case? Pick a moving box that is a little bit bigger than your device. After that, put packing peanuts on all side, so a device cannot move inside of the box.

Wrap electronics

Before you pack electronics when moving in a moving box, wrap it with an air bubble foil. This will minimize damage caused by dust and dirt. Also, you can cover electronics with moving pads, sheets, or light blankets for additional protection, just in case.

Check the temperature in storage

If you are moving long-distance, electronic devices will be a longer period of time in a moving truck. Or if you are planning to store them after moving, make sure the temperature is right. Low temperatures and very high temperatures are not good for devices.