How to organize a local move in High Point, NC in less than a week

In case you want to move locally in the city of High Point in North Carolina, you must be prepared well. If you know what you are doing, you will have no problems to organize your relocation in less than a week. Here, you will read some very useful tips that can help you a lot to organize a local move in High Point.

Do your online research of the local moving companies

First of all, you need to do your own research on the local moving companies. Take your laptop, a notebook, and a pen and start with this work. Read in detail all reviews of each company, see what services they offer and for what prices. Then, put everything on paper. The next step is making a pros and cons list of two companies you are interested in. Only later will you be able to choose the one that will help you organize a local move in High Point.

A person doing online research to find out how to organize a local move in High Point.
See which companies you can find on the internet for your local relocation in High Point.

Hire reliable moving experts for your local move in High Point

Secondly, when choosing between the two moving companies in High Point, you need to choose the one that is completely reliable. For example, it has to have a license and experienced workers who are also trustworthy people. Luckily, this city has to offer amazing experts. Therefore, your local move will certainly go smoothly and quickly.

Moreover, experts like those at Best Bet Moving and Labor will provide you with peace of mind. If you are worried that you will not make the move on time, we assure you that the local move with genuine professionals is a very fast and smooth process. In addition, if you choose your movers smartly, high-quality service can be affordable as well. Just think carefully about every single detail of your relocation and there will be no reason to stress and worry about it.

Clean your car on time

Thirdly, because of the current coronavirus situation, you must move with your family members in your own vehicle. let the movers take care of transporting your furniture items, boxes, and all the other things. You need to put the safety of your family first when it comes to moving in a situation like this one. So, you need to clean your car thoroughly before your moving day. Moreover, bring with you enough hand sanitizers and face masks for all your family members. In addition, anti-bacterial wet wipes are also something that is necessary, especially nowadays. Except for these things for protecting your loved ones and yourself from this virus, you should take with you in your car the following items:

  1. Documents
  2. Keys
  3. Valuables
  4. Chargers for mobile phones and laptops

These things you must not forget. Also, it is advisable to bring some snacks instead of stopping and buying them. It will both save you some money and stop you from making unnecessary contacts during pandemics.

A red family vehicle.
Prepare your car for your local move on time.

Collect cardboard boxes for packing

The fourth thing that you should do is to collect cardboard boxes for packing instead of buying them. If you are not so sure how to do this quickly, do not worry, it is very simple. Just go to your local supermarket where you are buying groceries often and ask them if they have some boxes that they want to throw away. Surely, they will not mind giving them to you. In addition, you can also ask people from your local library the same question. Believe us, this step will not only save you a certain amount of money, but it will also make your move eco-friendly, which is a great thing.

Three boxes.
Collect already used boxes for your packing process.

Pack your items smartly while you organize a local move in High Point in North Carolina

Importantly, you need to pack smartly and practically if you want to unpack all of your things real quick when you arrive at your new house in High Point. This requires using separate boxes for your different items. For example, use separate boxes when packing plush toys and toys made of plastic. After filling each box, label it. That will be very helpful for you will know exactly where is what once the time to unpack everything actually comes. Moreover, be very careful when it comes to packing fragile items, like objects made of glass and similar things. You need to wrap each thing in bubble wrap or paper before you gently place it in the box. It is also important to place the paper at the bottom and on the top of each box that will be used for these items. However, do not spend money on buying new paper for packing. Instead, check your attic, basement, and other places in your current home. You will be surprised by the number of old newspapers that you can find in these places. Reusing old newspapers will also save your surroundings. Therefore, do not hesitate to do this.

Sell all the things that you no longer need before you move

Finally, before you start with your packing process, you will realize that you do not need all of the things you currently poses. Some old toys will only be a waste of space. The same goes for furniture items that will not match the design and style of your new house in High Point. So, it will be best to sell all the items you do not need anymore. Internet is the best option, for organizing a garage sale may not be good at the moment because of the virus. When you are selling things using internet sites, you will not have to meet the people. Just send them the thing they choose. This will also, enable people from places that are not nearby to purchase some goods. Before you send some items to the buyer, clean them thoroughly.