How to make your NYC office more inviting

The modern office does not have to be a place of dullness and monotony. The days of interminable rows of cubicles, industrial carpets, and excruciating lighting are long gone. The environment can have an impact on our attitude, productivity, and workflow. It’s not necessary to build over-the-top Google-like settings (with slides, bicycles, and free meals for staff), but a few minor improvements can go a long way toward making an office more comfortable for employees, visitors, and clients. There are many different things to do to your office, which you can find about on our blog. But now, lets see how to make your NYC office more inviting!

Making your NYC office more attractive for all

Making your NYC office more inviting can be a bit challenging, but it is possible.

  • Add accent shades
  • Equip your workers
  • Clean working space

There are many different approaches but these are our favorites.

Add accent colors

We place a high value on color. It has an impact on our emotions and behavior. A splash of color on the walls and office furniture like chairs, ottomans, and lampshades can help to complement the culture and environment of your business.

People in office
Make sure to add accent colors to make your NYC office more inviting!

If you already have some spare furniture, you can use that, just make sure to hire the best furniture movers. Rooms will appear brighter and larger, and you can use innovative color schemes to influence the moods of employees and coworkers. Use yellow to encourage creativity and brightness, and blue to promote relaxation and calm.

Equip your employees

Nothing is more frustrating than having to struggle merely to do your job. Office furniture and supplies are commercial expenses that must be provided by the company. Employees who are required to bring their own pens, staplers, notebooks, and printer paper are likely seeking other positions. Going to work should be free of charge. If you have no space in your office for everything, you can get a mini storage unit from a company like and store it there. That way your office won’t get cluttered.

Clean space to make your NYC office more inviting

Our minds are sensitive to the clutter in our environment. Even if the mess is work-related, untidy rooms and workstations can be distracting. Put it away in a drawer, filing cabinet, or on the floor if it doesn’t require immediate attention. Only the task you’ve opted to work on right now should be in your workspace. Sort your documents by relevancy and urgency using in/out trays. To keep your priorities straight, make to-do lists.

Clean office with laptop
Clean office space will boost morale and productivity!

This is often tough for people, especially those whose jobs need them to switch tasks frequently and juggle many responsibilities, but it is possible. All of your spare stuff can go to the storage if you don’t want to throw it out. There are many different ways to get rid of clutter, but storage is the most popular nondestructive option.

In conclusion

These are our favorite ways to make your NYC office more inviting, but if you have any other ideas, use them too! There are no rules on things like these so optimize these ideas for you and your team!