How to know you chose the best furniture movers

If you are looking for furniture movers for your upcoming relocation – you are in the right place. We will show you how to find them and what to look for and how to see if the ones you chose are the best in business. Before that, you need to prepare your furniture. Cleaning it would be the best start. If you have leather pieces you can do it on your own. There are special detergents for leather care and you can clean it on your own. Take your time. If you are dealing with other fabrics the smartest choice would be to leave it to professionals.

Full-service movers or labor only?

There is one big difference between full-service movers and labor-only services and that is the equipment. If you happen to own a moving truck and the equipment for heavy lifting it then you should hire labor-only movers. That will be cheaper and you will be using your own resources since you already got them. If you do not own moving equipment then the best choice will be full-service.

A couple packing for a move.
If you have the necessary equipment and a truck you can hire movers to help you with the heavy-lifting part of the relocation.

Finding the best furniture movers

Luckily, nowadays to find the best possible furniture movers or any other kind of movers or services for that matter you just need to turn on your computer or even smartphone. Everything is online now and Google knows it all. Just type “best furniture movers near me” and you will get hundreds of hits. Then your research can begin.

How to pick the right ones and be sure they are the best?

Check out their website. See everything they are offering. Maybe you need something more than just relocating the furniture. See how else they can help you on the way. To get a better perspective into one company and how they are dealing with customers you should read the reviews. You can see that on their website but don’t forget Yelp too. Reading other people’s experiences is the best way to see if your chosen movers are the best and also you will find out everything about them. Also, make sure to do the same (leave the review) after you are done.

A woman using the internet to find furniture movers.
Do some research online, get to know the company before you hire them.

Don’t forget the insurance

All good movers are offering moving insurance nowadays. That means they are confident in their crew and equipment. Make sure to look for the ones that are offering insurance. That is also a good way to protect yourself and your possessions. One other thing you can do to make sure that your movers are reliable is to check out online their us dot and see if they are legit. Make sure to find out if they are insured and everything is in order.