How to find good storage in Washington DC

You don’t have enough space for all your belongings in your Washington flat? Or you are moving and you want an extra room for your clutter? Well, all you need is a proper storage unit. Here are some hints on how to find good storage in Washington DC.

Think about where it should be

The location of your storage unit is the first thing you should consider. The best solution is to find something that would be close to you. This is due to the quick access to your stored belongings. If for example, you decide to put away some tools, or your children’s clothes into storage, it would be great if you don’t have to travel for 20 minutes to get them once you need them. However, proximity should not be your priority. If there are no satisfying storage units nearby, you should consider other options.

A woman is laying on the floor covered with clothes well aware of the fact that shee needs to find good storage in Washington DC.
Don’t let your things rule your life.

How to find good storage in Washington DC that’ll suit your needs

The purpose of the storage unit is yet another very important factor in your search. It may be that you need a long-term solution for the clutter you currently don’t have room for. Or this storage unit may just be a temporary solution you’ll use only until you find the appropriate moving solution on and relocate your stuff to your new home.

  • If it’s for the long term then you have to ensure all your things are well organized in a unit of proper size.
  • If it’s just for some time, then a smaller storage unit will work, since you can place your things one on another, and thus save some space.

Anyway, you should think about whether or not your stuff requires climate-controlled conditions.

Make sure your things are safe

When you find a good storage unit in Washington DC that seems like it has everything you need, take a final check and ask about the security system it has. The best possible option is 24/7 unit monitoring. And it doesn’t matter whether you are about to store your shoes there, or you are leaving thousand-dollar-worth equipment. You should make sure your things are safe all the time. What’s more, it is good to know you can come by and pick whatever you want and whenever you want, without being afraid that you are not safe either.

There are two security cameras on the wall.
Only you should have the access to your things.

See it in person before you decide

Before you make your final decision or ask neighbors for a helping hand and the local Washington DC movers take your belongings to a storage unit, make sure you have seen the place in person. Sometimes our mental picture of the space’s size may not be relevant. Plus, keep in mind that fraud happens all the time.

Final words

When you find good storage in Washington DC and once your things are already there, it is much too late to check the unit’s ventilation or ask the owner to clean it properly.