How to deal with the “leftovers” of downsizing

It’s never easy to sort everything and reduce your belongings for a downsizing move. Especially when you have quite a few valuable items. For many of us, the ability to pass along these quality belongings to younger family members can be both a comforting and rewarding part of the process. People who give away a lot of things can enjoy the added benefit of expediting the clearing out process. However, they also need a plan about how to deal with the leftovers of downsizing

It’s a dynamic play out that happens nearly every time. So, professionals aren’t unfamiliar with the challenges posed by those items left in a home after all the good things have been taken. So, here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to move during the holiday season this year. 

A senior man talking on the phone about how to deal with the leftovers of downsizing.
Most of your unwanted quality items you’ll be giving to your family and friends.

The most common scenario

As it turns out, there is a typical scenario that suits nearly every case. An older couple decides to move out of state. They, with the help of their moving manager, make a plan and figure out how much space they’ll have in a new home. After that, they choose the furnishing that will fit and favorite accessories to make them feel at home.

It makes sense to now mention that there are ways to make more room, no matter how small your new home is. So, you might be able to bring a couple more items than you initially thought. 

Next, they’ll call their adult children and friends to take whatever they want from the pieces that aren’t coming with them. And inevitably, many quality items will be taken during these visits. Some of them you’ll sell to your neighbors, and some of them you can even give to charity. This is, in fact, the best possible scenario, as you’ll need much less time and money to empty the home. 

What’s left behind?

Now, we’re coming to the items that have very little value. Although they might seem usable and in a good shape, there are a few reasons why their value is so low. It basically comes down to supply and demand. And you’ll have to deal with these even if you followed all the smart solutions for downsizing your home.

  • The second-hand household goods market is flooded. Both Baby Boomers and 80-and-up generations are downsizing these days. So, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen a constant oversupply of the market. 
  • Young people are marrying later. Many of them can’t afford their own house even when they get married because of student loans. And on top of everything, minimalism is in trend. 
A pile of household items.
It’s difficult to deal with the leftovers of downsizing because the second-hand market is already full of items similar to ones you’ve got.

What to do?

Finally, we’ve come to the advice for all of you that are downsizing. And the best thing you can do is to start with optimistic goals. But, don’t include making money on the belongings you don’t need. Focus on re-homing your quality items with family and friends before you start packing the things you’ll bring with you in the plastic boxes from Capital City Bins.

So, let go of the idea that everything you own must be valued and sold for profit. You’ll save yourself lots of mental and emotional energy. So, this is the best way to deal with the leftovers of downsizing.