How to create more space in your walk in closet

Almost everyone who has a walk-in closet loves it. And people who don’t have one, want to have one. It is a most magnificent thing if you need to have a compact and easy to access space for your clothes and shoes, but sometimes our walk-in closets are not simply large enough. We need more space now! If you have clicked on this article you probably have that kind of problem. Thankfully, there is a way to create more space in your walk in closet. So, how can you do that and have your walk-in closet organized at all times? Let’s explore that!

Take everything out if you want to create more space in your walk in closet

Create more space in your walk in closet by taking it all away.

Create more space in your walk in closet by deciding what you need and what you don’t need.

If you want to organize your walk-in closet, you should start by taking everything out of it. And we mean it. Empty your whole walk-in closet down to the smallest thing. Work from the bottom by taking your shoes out first, and finish with hanging clothes. Keeping your clothes in a safe storage unit is a good way to store them for some time, especially if you are organizing your walk-in closet.

When you have emptied your closet down to the smallest thing – clean it. Wipe down your shelving and vacuum everything. That way you’ll get a fresh slate to work in.


This is the most important part. When decluttering you should be ruthless. And you should do it with a plan. Yes, we know that you just love that old pair of shoes that you’ll probably not going to wear anymore, but you came here with a mission. Before you do anything with your stuff, you should ask yourself three questions.

  1. Have I worn it recently? In the past year or so?
  2. Does it still fit?
  3. Does it have any kind of damages and if it does, is it repairable?
Create more space in your walk in closet by getting rid of your unnecessary stuff.

A trash bag.

When sorting your clutter, you should organize them into four distinct piles. Maybe you need to downsize your home, so decide what you are going to keep. The first pile should be for the stuff you are going to keep. The second pile should be for the stuff you are going to sell. We recommend selling your stuff online since it is the most convenient way of selling. Also, you should have a pile for donation. And the last pile should be for the stuff that you are not going to either keep, donate, or sell.

Some smaller tips for your walk-in closet

There are a few ways in which you can maximize the available space in your walk-in closet. None of them are going to give you too much space, but collectively those methods are going to make wonders!

First of all, if you can add some extra storage to your walk-in closet, that would solve most of your problems. You can create some extra storage by reworking the layout of your walk-in closet.

Also, you can add a little bit more space by using hooks. Use uniform hooks to reduce visual noise.

Also, you can use some kind of boxes to maximize and organize space inside your drawers. Using old shoeboxes is one way of doing that.