How moving to a small town in New Hampshire can save you money

Moving to a smaller town has many benefits, and that’s why many people decide to move, especially when they have a family. However, one of the main advantages of living in a smaller city is affordability. You can save money in many ways – and we’re here to show you how. Let’s see how moving to a small town in New Hampshire can save you money and provide you amazing life quality at the same time.

Moving to NH – ways moving to a small town in New Hampshire can save you money

Before you start looking for a new home, evaluate your current financial situation. Check what are the most problematic points, and is there something particular to consider when moving to a new place. And then, let’s go through all the ways moving to a small town in New Hampshire can help you stretch your budget and live more comfortably.

Housing is more affordable

Let’s start with the most obvious item on this list – and that’s housing. It’s widely known that you will pay less for a home when moving to a small town, rather than in a more popular, bigger city. Whether you’re renting or buying a house, you can expect lower prices, but also more space for the price.

A small house
Having a lovely, affordable home with a yard is possible when moving to a small town in New Hampshire

Property taxes

Even though New Hampshire is one of the states with lower taxes (2.2%), you can expect een lower property taxes when moving to a smaller town. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you plan on living here for a longer period of time.

Moving to a small town in New Hampshire can save you money in car insurance and maintenance

Living in a small car usually includes driving a car – or two. Therefore, lower car insurance rates, as well as maintenance costs, can save a lot over the years. The reason for this are lower crime rates and fewer accidents, compared to bigger cities which are often more dangerous. Furthermore, as you won’t stay in traffic jams as in a big city, you will definitely spend less gas and save money that way, as well.

Lower commute costs

When you live in a small city, you spend less money on commuting, taxis, etc. People often choose to walk to their destination, as they are not living far away. Apart from saving more money, you can also improve your health!

Starting a business in a smaller town will bring more money

Moving to a small town in New Hampshire can save you more money, but you can also make more. Even though a big city seems full of opportunities, the reality is actually a bit different. Bigger cities coem with more opportunities, but also with a lot more competition, higher operating costs, taxes and insurances. That’s why you can make more money in a small town and lead a mroe relaxed lifestyle.

Opening a florist shop after moving to a small town in New Hampshire
Opening a business after moving to a small town in New Hampshire can be an amazing idea.

Shopping and services

Generally, living costs are lower when moving to a small town in New Hampshire. So, shopping, dining, and going out in a small city will be cheaper, due As these can really pile up, you can save a lot over just one year. Furthermore, think about travel, as it has been a hot topic during the global pandemic. Since local traveling has been more popular, living in a small city will make you closer to the cheaper hotels and some great rural locations.

Where to move in New Hampshire – the best small cities

We are sure that moving to a small town in New Hampshire will save you money and improve your budget. Now, you’re probably faced with another dilemma – where to move? Here’s a list of the best small cities in New Hampshire you should consider moving to.

New London, NH

Let’s start with one of the charming little towns in NH. New London is located in Merrimack County, and it provides a home for about 4,500 people. Even though it’s pretty small, it is lively and people enjoy a relaxed lifestyle here. The best thing about it – there are a couple of lakes nearby, so it’s perfect for all those who love outdoor activities.

Lee, NH

One more gem – this time in Strafford County. This small little town is perfect for those who love the rural vibe around their home, but also want to have quick access to important routes. The closest cities are Concord and Portsmouth, where you can arrive in just 45 minutes. Another great thing about this city is that you can move the simplest possible way – moving teams specialized in Lee moves are reliable and affordable.

Hollis, NH

If you’re thinking of moving to a small town in New Hampshire, Hollis should be one of the options. This place is quite popular among the wealthy residents of New Hampshire, which results in higher prices and busier real estate market. Homes are known for their high-quality, more space, beautiful gardens, etc.

When moving to this lovely city, Hollis experts can help you out. Local experts know everything about the city, so you can be sure the relocation can be easy and fast.

All of these are equally charming and attractive – now it’s up to you to evaluate your personal situation and choose the most suitable option.

A house keyring and a key.
Choose Hollis as your future home location.

Moving to a small city – essential steps

Here are some basic tips on moving to a small city – the focus should be on a stress-free, easy move, without you running out of energy and money. Remember to:

  • start organizing and packing on time – there’s a lot to do, so don’t wait until the last minute to plan your relocation.
  • hire professionals who know what they’re doing – look for reliable pros at, and avoid any stress, moving scams, or other problems that happen often in the moving business.
  • sort out your items – moving is the perfect moment to lose all the items that are only eating up your space. Declutter your home before the moving day comes, and make packing and transport a lot easier – and cheaper!

Moving to a small city can be very exciting, but it takes some preparation and planning. Whatever is the city you choose to be your next home – you’re going to enjoy it if you take a positive attitude and ensure a stress-free relocation. Welcome to New Hampshire!