Household relocation 101

Life requires changes every once in a while. If you spend too much time on one job position, living the same routine in the same place, it can get old. This makes you tucked in too tight in your comfort zone and leaves you no place for grow. And people should never stop growing. Our mindset requires new experiences and learning through the whole life. We need challenges in order to feel fulfilled. And moving is a great way to change ou life flow a bit. Not to mention that it can help you grab some new job opportunity. You could find better living conditions for your family. Or maybe you will simply explore and enjoy a place. Anyhow, here are some tips on how to make sure your household relocation goes smoothly.

My big fat checklist

I don’t know about you, but I’m making checklists even for a weekend getaway. And for the household relocation, you really need a big one. Before you assemble your first box, put together a general timeline. This will help you to avoid a scramble and keep you organized.

Hand checking the list on the paper. Household relocation.

Make a big checklist for your relocation.

Two months before household relocation

This maybe sounds like an early phase but it’s actually the most important one. Long-term plans are the most important ones when it comes to moving. Having a specialist that can help you move your household is always a great idea. And now is the time for that decision. Of course, be prepared that many many things will not happen as you planned. And many others you did not plan will happen after all. But that’s ok. Just stay focused and positive.

The reliable moving company wanted

This is the time to search for the right moving company. First of all, sit down and think what professional services do you need and what you can handle by yourself. If you are moving with your family or partner, make sure you discuss and harmonize your expectations. There is a big variety of moving assistance options to choose from, you just need to decide what to pick. Make a selection of moving companies with good reviews and collect several moving estimates. Only when you go through all of them, pick the one that suits you the best.

Laptop, hands holding cup of coffee, notebook and word dream made by letters on the table.

Get several moving estimates and choose the one that suits you best.

Declutter and edit your home

First things first. Start with sorting your things out. Separate the things that should be thrown, things that should be donated and things that should be returned. Once you have those three piles, go further. Search where to donate the items you no longer need but someone else can use them. And most importantly, safely and ecologically dispose of and recycle the things that are no longer usable. And for the belongings you want to keep, but not in your new home, there’s a solution as well. If you just search for it online, you can find a perfect storage unit for them. This way you will walk into your new home light and free from old burden.

Household relocation. Living room captured.

Walk into your new home without unnecessary things.

A month before

You will probably need some time off your work for the moving process. If you are changing the job, try to arrange a little time off in between. You should also fill out a change of address form at USPS. This way you will avoid getting your mail lost. Begin to set aside valuable items, such as jewelry and documents. Those items you should transport personally.

Take measurements

This is the time for taking measurements of your new space. This way you can plan ahead the furniture arrangement. Therefore, you will avoid carrying heavy items several items, or at least spare your movers and speed up the process.

Arrange the updates

You will probably need to do some work on your new home once you move in. Maybe some painting or fixtures in the new space. Whatever needs to be done, arrange it ahead. This way you will be able to relax and enjoy all settled in shortly after the move.

Bed with a little dog on it.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep before the moving day.

One week before

If you have started on time, you will not have that much work. Don’t forget to do a deep clean of the new place if necessary. Also, make sure you reconfirm your agreement with moving company. Knowing that everything is ready to go will give you a peace of mind.

Pack in progress

Packing is a big and exhausting part of the moving. If you want it to be fast and easy, you should consider hiring the professional packers. This way you will not need to buy packing supplies or worry about packing boxes and labeling. Moving companies that assist you in household relocation, usually offer packing services as well. Find out more about it on JP Urban Moving Brooklyn.

One day before

Pack a box of the items necessary for your first night at the new home. Be aware that you will be too tired for unpacking. Pijamas, change for tomorrow, coffeemaker, toiletries and set of sheets should do. Once again go through your old place and make sure you did not forget anything. And most importantly, get plenty of sleep.

Household relocation. Latter with blanket on it, tables and chairs.

Don’t rush with buying new furniture, give yourself time to design your dream home.

On a moving day

  • You will probably wake up early with excitement. Remember, keep things simple and do not rush. It’s better to spend a little more time moving, than to damage or forget something.
    • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Household relocation can be a messy process. On a moving day, comfort is much more important than fashion.
    • Make sure you are here for your movers all the time if they need any assistance. You need to inform them well about the content of the boxes, although they are labeled. Also, make sure you give them the exact address of your new home on time. This way they will have enough time to plan the route and avoid traffic jams.
    • Do a final run-through of your old place. If it was rented, make sure everything is clean and there is no damage.
    • Inspect the new place for damage and take some photos if you are renting.
    • Make sure to clean any area of the apartment that might be difficult to reach once furniture is in place.
    Window with flowers.

    Enjoy your new home.

    Relax and enjoy

    Once household relocation is behind you, you can relax and enjoy your new home. Don’t rush with buying new furniture and decoration. Give yourself time to get some rest. Make a picture of an ideal home in your head and make a plan on how to apply it to your new space.