House hunting in Chapel Hill, NC explained

House hunting in Chapel Hill will be easy after we show you how to do it and who can help you out to acquire your dream home. Chapel Hill is a charming town in North Carolina and many people consider it to be the best place for raising a family and schooling your kids. After all, the campus of the University of North Carolina is there. Overall this is a great place, some would even say the best place to live in the whole state. So, if your heart is set on moving here we will help you with your upcoming house hunt.

Online house hunting in Chapel Hill

If you do not live somewhere close by, it won’t be so easy to find your dream home and you will need some tips. Luckily you can do it online. There are even apps for that. That means you can check out what’s currently available whenever you want just by using your smartphone. How cool is that? The most popular app is Zillow, and that’s also the most popular real estate website but it’s not the only one. This is the best possible first step and it will give you a good picture of what’s available and the prices of course. But, even though it’s a great way to house hunt – this is not the only thing you will be doing. It is just the beginning.

A couple holding a small model house a s a symbol of househunting in Chapel Hill
Your house hunt can be virtual! How cool is that?

List of Chapel Hills neighborhoods so you can research them

  • Southern Village
  • Meadowmont
  • Cameron-McCauley Historic District
  • Franklin-Rosemary Historic District
  • Ashley Forest
  • Colonial Heights
  • Gimghoul Historic District

We listed you neighborhoods so you can research them and see which one looks like a perfect place for you. The best way to make sure you really like the neighborhood after researching is going to see it in person (if that is an option for you).

Hiring a realtor

Hiring a realtor is the best way to get your perfect house. Sometimes hiring a realtor can mean the difference between buying a house and buying your dream home. They can find houses that are for sale even though they are not listed online. Their listings are much bigger than we know. When you do hire a realtor make sure to share all the details, tell them exactly what you want from your house, and be upfront about your budget. That’s is the only way they will be able to help you.

A couple with a realtor while househunting in Chapel Hill
A realtor can be your best ally so, find a local one to help you out.

Someone to come with while house hunting in Chapel Hill

We are talking about home inspectors. They can spot all the red flags you might not be able to. Bringing trained eyes with you to house hunt can be very good for you. Sometimes sellers hide problematic areas and you cant even spot things like mold or mildew. That is why we recommend calling home inspectors just like we always recommend hiring reliable movers like to help you with relocation when the time comes. But we will talk more about that later.

House hunting tips and steps

  1. Setting a budget is the first step
  2. Deciding on the place is second and you already know th town, but do you know which neighborhood?
  3. If you are using the bank as part of your finnancial plan getting a pre-aproval is the next step
  4. Online house hunting and finding a relator is next but we already discussed this one
  5. Visit houses you like multiple times
  6. Hire home inspector to go with you to the ones you really like
  7. Final step is making the offer and finding furniture movers

See the potential

Sometimes the best way to get exactly what you want is by doing the work yourself and by that we mean buying an old house and upscaling them. Many people buy fixer-uppers and remodel them. That is a good way to save some money and to get the house that is completely the way they want them to be. You can pick every little detail and choose everything. The only problem with this method is that it can take some time until all the work around the house is done so you might not be able to move in soon. The only reason why we mentioned this one is so you don’t neglect to check those cheap fixer-uppers while house hunting because they might be worth investing some time and money.

A rustic house
This can be a good way to have your dream home at a good price. But you should know that remodeling can take some time until everything is done.

Once you choose the house you like

It might take a while but eventually, you will find a house you really like. Your next step will be moving after all that house hunting in Chapel Hill. You will finally have your new home. Relocations are not easy. That’s what movers are for – to help you with all your moving needs. Sometimes unpacking and settling in can be the hardest because you are tired at the end of that journey. If that happens to be your case too make sure to turn to experts in the area to help you out. Hiring experts is the best way to have a stress-free relocation.

Parting words

We wish you a piece of good luck on your upcoming house hunting adventure. Don’t feel frustrated if it doesn’t happen (finding a house) as quickly as you wanted it to be. All good things take time. Just be patient and thorough when looking for your new home. When it comes to moving – we showed you the best and easiest way to do it.