Homelessness during the pandemic: how to help?

Unfortunately, more and more people are becoming homeless during this pandemic. Homelessness during the pandemic is becoming a giant problem since more and more people are not being able to afford homes. Now is the time to be compassionate and help our fellow citizens as best as we can. How can we do that? How can we help people who are in dire need of necessary supplies for life?

Try to find donation centers that can help with homelessness during the pandemic

Sure, you can try to help individual people, but that is not so effective as going through donation centers. You probably have certain donation centers in your vicinity, so try to contact them and offer help.

Clothes and toys are the most important things you can donate. People underestimate how hard it is to find clothes with which people can survive harsh weather. More and more people today are living under bridges, in holes, and on-street in general. This is why clothes are necessary for them to survive. Many people die on the streets because of cold and diseases.

Homelessness during the pandemic requires donations.
Donations are one of the most effective ways to battle homelessness during the pandemic.

Sure, toys are not necessary for survival, at least in a direct way. But, toys are food for the children’s soul, and by giving them toys you’ll be bringing them consolation and a little bit of happiness. And that will help more than one meal.

If you are moving during the pandemic, you can try to find some donation centers, and give some stuff you don’t need. Moving is the best time to declutter and separate the stuff you don’t need.

You can always volunteer

Maybe the best way to help homeless people is to volunteer. Donation centers almost always lack volunteers, and by signing up, you’ll be helping immensely. Helping homeless people is one of the most humane things one can do, and it brings fulfillment and joy to the helper.

Organize givings

If you have time, you can organize a bunch of people to help homeless people. That can be done in multiple ways. You organize a gathering of clothes, toys, food, and medical equipment. Prepare your clothes for homeless people, and you can always organize givings of food, toys, and medicine.

Campaign for government intervention

A large portion of responsibility for the rise of homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic falls on the government. Government is responsible for its citizens, but sometimes the government doesn’t care, or doesn’t have enough resources to help everybody.

This is why you should be active and try to persuade your local government to help people who are homeless. Now is the time to show solidarity, and the government should take a part in this. Especially today, when more and more people are being evicted out of their homes because they cannot afford to stay. This can happen to anyone, and we should show solidarity to our fellow human beings.

Homeless person sleeping under a tree.
This can happen to anybody.

Homelessness during the pandemic – in conclusion

There are multiple ways in which you can help the homeless, but that doesn’t mean that your actions are going to reduce homelessness in general. You can only do so much, so don’t blame yourself for not being able to help everyone.

With that said, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Donation is one of the most impactful and humane acts one can do. You can always donate stuff you don’t need.
  • Donation centers always lack staff, so you can always volunteer.
  • You can organize people on your own.
  • Or you can campaign with other people to persuade the government to help people who are suffering.