Hiring movers vs DIY move

The eternal question and clash – hiring movers vs DIY move. This has been one of the most popular doubts and dilemmas for as long as we can remember. And, even to this day, there is no actual concrete answer to this dilemma. Both have compelling arguments as to why they are better. Both have pros as well as cons. Nobody is able to make this decision for you, and if any website claims that one is better than the other they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

This is a decision you should be making for yourself, based on various analysis done by moving professionals. We will try to explain the benefits and downsides of both, but the dilemma of hiring movers vs DIY move should be addressed by you alone.

Hiring movers vs DIY move

First of all, what is a DIY move? Do it yourself or popularly DIY has become an increasingly popular phenomenon nowadays. Due to the unstoppable expansion of the internet, channels that offer DO IT YOURSELF guides have been on the rise. You can even go as far as learning how to assemble a helicopter by yourself, or even learn how to fly one.

But, back on topic, a DIY move is a move where you do everything yourself. In contrast, the other way of doing this is to hire moving professionals to do everything for you. The two are in a constant clash where people try to figure out the difference and base their choice on it.

DIY move benefits

Doing a do it yourself move is something we strongly recommend to people who have a moving experience. Otherwise, if you are asking for our opinion, we advise against it. But this is based on our experiences. It might end up entirely different for you. However, we are here to address the upsides and downsides of both.

Saving money on the moving professionals is option that should be utilized when you really can't afford them

If you can’t afford professionals then DIY is the only way to move

The absolutely biggest benefit of doing a move on your own is the fact that you save an incredible amount of money. If everything goes right. Hiring moving professionals, no matter how convenient it is, is very expensive. And there is no mistake about it.

However, if you do everything on your own you will not spend a fortune. The only thing you’d spend money on is gas and food. Another very powerful benefit of doing a move on your own is the fact that you can plan it very short notice. You could even plan to do it today and you will not have to rely on trying to find a moving company. Especially considering the fact that most good moving companies will already be busy and unavailable. However, make sure you are well prepared for it, read some articles like the best way of packing clothes, for example.

Lastly, if you do a move yourself you can engage your friends and family and turn it into a fun event. Plus, extra pairs of hands could do wonders to make it a seamlessly easy project.

DIY move downsides

One of the things that could prevail in the hiring movers vs DIY move battle is the risk that a DIY move brings. It does save a lot of money if nothing goes wrong. However, if anything goes wrong you might lose more than you could imagine. Especially since you will most likely have no insurance that is otherwise offered by moving companies you could hire.

So, this one huge downside could cost you far more than hiring professional movers. Furthermore, if you make a mistake and ruin some piece of furniture you love, you could lose more than money. Especially since some items have sentimental value which is much bigger than money.

Money is time, and time is money. Professional movers utilize time efficiently as they cannot afford to be slow, because the lose money and their customers lose money

When you hire professional movers you can expect them to be quick and save you both time and money

Also, doing everything on your own could save money but will take quite a bit of time. So, make sure you understand just how invested you will have to be in the entire process. It has an extensive amount of logistic elements that you will need to see through. So, hiring movers vs DIY move is just like saying saving time vs saving money.

Hiring movers benefits

The best part about hiring Zippy Shell Columbus is the fact that you remove all the stress. If you let professionals take care of everything for you, you will have to stress about nothing. Furthermore, you will have saved a lot of money that you can spend with your family and friends. Moving is a very special moment in everyone’s life. It is the beginning of a new chapter and it should not be followed by stress and a lot of hard work. It should be spent with your loved ones and should be enjoyed.

When thinking about hiring movers vs DIY move you should think about how committed you are to see through the whole move yourself

Professional movers have only one goal in mind: work with the customer to their satisfaction

This is what moving professionals enable. The time you would spend loading the trucks could be spent with your family on a road trip to your new home. In case this is a commercial move, you could not spend time packing stuff with your team. You could spend time running your business without any interruptions while your professionals take care of everything for you. This is very important because making a pause in your business could cost you tons of money, for no good reason. And if you need temporary storage, there are companies offering temporary storage solutions.

So, the biggest benefits of hiring professional movers:

  • Safety
  • Stress-Free
  • Saving time
  • No room for mistakes
  • Insurance

Hiring movers downsides

Hiring movers are expensive. This is the first and foremost downside of it all. You will need to put some money aside in order to hire proper moving professionals. Secondly, there is a chance you could be a victim of a scam if you are not careful. There are a lot of fraudulent movers lurking about and you need to be careful not to become a victim.

All in all, both have benefits and downsides. It is up to you which sounds better!

Good luck!