How to handle an international relocation?

Planning, organizing, and more planning. This is the key to every successful international relocation. There will be so much that you need to handle. The moving tasks that you haven’t even consider or thought that is important. And they are, all of them. If you miss one, that can derail the path of your entire relocation. Still, there no need to feel overwhelmed. Yes, it is a very hard process, but by following these crucial 4 steps you can make it much easier.

Step 1: The early bird gets the worm

You have probably heard this saying at least once in your life. Maybe your mom used it to motivate you to rise and shine early for school. Even if it sounds banal, it can easily translate to the moving process. It’s quite simple really – the sooner you start to organize your relocation plan, the more in control you will be. The time is luxury, and if you have enough of it before the moving day, don’t delay it.

The time will pass so quickly, and you can found yourself with only half tasks done. That will make you panic and stressful, and there’s really no reason to put yourself through that. Especially when the international relocation is in the state. As the hardest type of move, it will require a lot of your focus and the maximum organizing skills. There’s no day like today, so start with planning as soon as you know firmly that relocation is imminent. That will also help you to learn how to avoid mistakes when moving interstate.

Start planning your international relocation as soon as possible.

The more you wait, the more difficult and more expensive your international relocation will be.

Step 2: Make a moving checklist for your international relocation

As said, international relocation will have a lot of difficult tasks. In order to remember to do all of them, it’s best to put things in writing. That means creating a moving checklist. It doesn’t matter will you create it on the computer, by using a phone application, or simply writing it down on a paper. The important is to take some time and make it. Preferably in the form of the checklist, since it will be easier to keep in track what have you done, and what was left to be done. Also, it is important to gather information, so explore some moving resources and tools you can use in order to make your moving checklist.

Your international relocation checklist must contain:

  • Moving budget plan
  • All important moving dates
  • All information about your movers
  • Packing plan with the list of all packing supplies
  • Packing schedule
  • The list of all the documentation necessary for moving abroad
  • Contacts of all the people and institutions that need to be notified about your relocation
  • The contact of your employer (if you are moving internationally because of the new job)
  • All the travel arrangements to the new home
  • Accommodation in a new country
  • The necessary arrangements for cutting off your utilities
  • All the unpaid bills and monthly payments that you will have to continue to pay (student lawn or mortgage, for example
Make a moving checklist for your international relocation.

Take your time and make a moving checklist.

Step 3: Planning your moving budget

You have to know how much your international relocation will approximately cost in order to determine the moving budget. You need to set a budget for your relocation because moving can be very costly. If you don’t have a certain amount set aside for it, you can find yourself in the situation that you won’t be able to finance the next stage of your move. So before you even start with other moving tasks, you need to determine the moving costs which will show you is the international relocation even possible at this moment.

Since this type of relocation is the ultimate form of the long-distance moving, transport of your belongings overseas will be the most pricey feature. The total cost of your move will vary greatly on the total weight of your shipment. The math is clear here – the fewer items that you have to relocate, the more affordable your move will be. Also, the distance from your current to your new home has a great roll in determining the total moving costs. Some reputable moving companies have the online estimators that can help you calculate the approximate costs of your relocation. If you go to, for example, you can put the details of your relocation and the free online estimator will show you the rough calculation of the total moving costs. That will help you to determine the base of your moving budget.

Plan your moving budget for the international relocation.

Still, when planning your moving budget. always go higher. The in-house estimation will show the real costs of your international relocation, and it can vary greatly from the initial, rough online assessment.

Step 4: Hiring a moving company

When you are moving abroad, it is always the best advice to look for a moving company that provides full service international relocation. If you were thinking about moving to a different country on your own, it’s time to face reality. This type of relocation isn’t suitable for the DIY move. If you try it, it will end up badly. Only the reliable movers with years of experience can move your belongings so far away in the safest manner.

In this case, hiring the moving company for your international relocation can help you to save money when moving home. You will have to search for the freight forwarders on your own, to pick up your stuff when they arrive at your new country and to transport them to your new home. Which will require for you to rent a moving vehicle. Of course, let’s not forget the costs of the new driving license since the one that you already have won’t be legal in the foreign country.

When you add up all those costs, it will be much more expensive than to hire international movers to do that for you. Not to mention much less stressful and overwhelming.
The point is that the wisest decision that you can make is to hire professional movers for your international relocation. It will be beneficial for so many reasons, and you can enjoy your big life step rather than feel nerve-wracking about it.