Guide to the most charming boroughs of Pennsylvania

If you are thinking of coming to Pennsylvania you definitely made the right decision. One of the original US states has so much to offer to anyone that wants to move here for retirement, work or just visit. It is a place of history, heritage, and amazing nature. However, PA can not only be viewed through its economy and the big cities. There are many small towns and boroughs to explore tucked away between the mountains. Just a short drive through nature you can find some of the most charming towns. So, embark on a journey of discovery and follow our guide to the most charming boroughs and towns in Pennsylvania

What to know about Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a national treasure. Besides its rich history and heritage, it is a place of stunning natural beauty. At the same time, it is an educational center and provides great job opportunities. Pennsylvania is a great place to settle with your family and find a great job. You can also be successful in starting a business here. You can benefit from the proximity of both New York City and Washington DC. The state is perfectly located to be in the center of anything happening on the East Coast. However, if you want to retire here you will find it affordable, peaceful, and quiet.

Philadelphia skyline.
Pennsylvania is a state of opportunity but besides the biggest cities it offers a quiet small-town living in some of the most charming boroughs

Pennsylvania has much to offer. But, if we want to be short and concise it easy to make a shortlist of the most important reasons to live here:

  • The state has many job and business opportunities
  • It offers a wide variety of lifestyles to choose from
  • Pennsylvania is very affordable
  • Perfect place to build a career
  • A mecca for high-quality education
  • It offers untouched nature and views
  • Pennsylvania offers a great way of life and peaceful surroundings

The charm of PA

One of the charms of Pennsylvania is a great number of small towns and boroughs that offer a quiet and peaceful life. They are tucked between the mountains and in the dense forests away from busy roads and traffic. They have a particular charm that is complemented by welcoming communities and friendly people. There are over 900 boroughs and towns in Pennsylvania to choose from. However, here is a short guide to the most charming boroughs of Pennsylvania.

  • Lititz
  • Doylestown
  • Downingtown
  • Strasbourg
  • Johnstown
  • Norristown
  • Wellsboro
A farm in Pennsylvania
PA can offer an almost rural feel despite it being located close to large business hubs


Borough of Lititz has a reputation for being the coolest small town in the US. The town is full of heritage and great history as it was founded in the 1700s. The down offers a historical neighborhood that has its particular charm and unique architecture. At the same time, it offers great amenities for young people and kids. The town is the definition of charm and a tranquil place to raise a family.


Doylestown is well known for its architecture and castles. It is a vibrant little town that is home to many families with children settling here. The borough is located only 30 miles from Philadelphia and has a great nature. The town is perfect for biking and hiking with some of the nicest trails. The town offers unique dining and shops that preserve the heritage and mirror the history of the town.


Downingtown is a small borough with around 8000 inhabitants. It is a charming little town with plenty of retail shops and small-town groceries. Part of the charm is the nature the town is surrounded by. The schools are great and the place is peaceful and perfect for commuters to nearby Philadelphia. The town is cozy and welcoming with a great community and friendly people. If you move to Downingtown you won’t have a problem to find assistance for settling in or finding a helping hand with your new neighbors.

A covered bridge in the forest must be a part of the guide to the most charming boroughs of Pennsylvania.
There are plenty of charming little boroughs to choose as your home in PA


Strasburg is a small town that seems to be frozen in time. It is a town located in an Amish country and very quiet. It has a rural charm and a heritage that can be seen on every corner. it is a great place to settle in and a known tourist attraction. The borough is well known for its peace and quiet as well as flower gardens, picket fences, and a railroad. It is just one of many charming boroughs that deserves the place in this PA guide.


Johnstown is a small and quaint community. The town offers a treasure of old architecture and old neighborhoods to enjoy. The community is warm and welcoming and it is great for raising children. Johnstown is famous for its Inclined plane and is well known for the flood that devastated the town in the 1800s.


Proximity to the King of Prussia and Philadelphia make Norristown county perfect for those commuting. It is a great little town that offers plenty of charm. Make sure you find suitable help and be confident that you can rely on experts in the area to help you move and settle here. The town is a part of a rural area close to Quakertown. It offers a quiet living and a great nature with a river running by.

Guide to the most charming boroughs of Pennsylvania incorporates many of the old towns and historical homes.
Many of the boroughs in PA have a long history and heritage that is preserved even today


The borough of Wellsboro offers an unparalleled visit and view of the Pine Creek Gorge that is the main natural attraction. Besides that, this is a Victorian town with pristine and preserved architecture. It is a small family-oriented town with a particular charm and energy.

Moving to Pennsylvania

So, if you plan on moving here you are likely to find everything you need. whether for business an a career or for retirement or education, the state has something for everyone. You can choose to move to a big city like Philadelphia, Pittsburg, or Allentown for a career move. Or you can decide on a smaller town with a welcoming community to raise your children in. The fact is whatever you chose you won’t regret your decision to move to PA.

Just make sure to prepare and execute your move quickly and easily so you can start your adaptation process as soon as possible. So, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. This guide to the most charming boroughs of Pennsylvania shows that in this state anyone can find just what is needed. Do some research and take a drive through PA, you will find the perfect place for you.