Guide to the best Manhattan neighborhoods for singles

We are about to show you some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for singles. This is the perfect place for you indeed. NYC is the best city for singles and Manhattan is the heart of NYC. But this borough is pretty big and that’s why we will single out some neighborhoods that you need to research before choosing your new place. When the time comes we will show you who can help you to relocate and share some tips for this upcoming relocation of yours. Luckily NYC is such a popular place that the movers there have mastered the skill of relocation and you will get some of the world’s best movers.

A list of best Manhattan neighborhoods for singles

  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • West Village
  • East Village

Now that you have the list we can talk about them for a bit and then you will be free to continue your research and finally choose the perfect one for you and then you can go on the house hunt for the dream house or an apartment.

One of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for singles.
Now, let’s talk about them a bit more.

Upper East Side

“Good morning, Upper East Siders” is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about this neighborhood. But Upper East Side is not just for the best TV shows and movies. This is a real place where very real people live. We found you the most popular places for singles in this area that you need to check out even if you choose a different neighborhood.

  1. The Penrose
  2. The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites
  3. Serena’s Wine Bar-Cafe
  4. The Milton NYC
  5. Bondurants
  6. Caledonia bar
  7. Yura on East End

Brooklyn also has some great restaurants and places for singles but Manhattan can be even better. Even if you decide to move to another neighborhood like Upper West Side for example that doesn’t have to stop you from visiting these places.

Upper West Side

This is a very affluent neighborhood and one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for singles. Besides living in a very nice and beautiful area you will have a lot of restaurants, parks, fancy coffee shops and great nightlife to enjoy. When it comes to shopping you very well know that this neighborhood has it all. Many people consider Upper West Side to be the best place for singles who can afford this neighborhood. We won’t lie to you, it won’t be cheap finding a place here but it will be worth it and you will be very happy here. When it comes to moving in and settling, it would be smart to team up with skilled people – professional movers. That way you will be off to a great start.

West Village

This part of Manhattan draws a very fashionable crowd. Most of that fashionable crowd is single in fact. The lower part of Manhattan was always a great place for singles. We can even show you the most popular places for singles in this area :

  • The Happiest Hour
  • Le Bain
  • Good Stock
  • Stonewall Inn
  • Ty’s Bar
  • The Blind Tiger
  • The Biergarten at The Standar

Everybody wants to live in one of the most beloved and most desirable neighborhoods and this is it. Well, one of it of course. Make sure to research this neighborhood as well as the others we suggested and if this looks like a perfect place for you make sure to call Heart Moving Manhattan, NYC.

East Village

If you want the place with the best nightlife – East Village is the perfect place for you. This neighborhood is perfect for the singles who love to party but still live in a nice and pretty place during the day where they can enjoy some good shopping, fancy restaurants, and other things. This can be a perfect combination of laid-back days and very hectic nights if you enjoy this kind of life and many singles do. At least younger generations. Raku is currently the most popular place for singles in East Village so make sure to check it out even if you choose a different place to live. There are some amazing old houses in East Village you can really enjoy.

Night skyline in Manhattan
Nightlife is exceptional here.

Moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for singles

NYC is nothing if not a hectic place and you might want to consider getting some help especially when it comes to moving. The city is big, the traffic is horrible and packing is extremely hard sometimes. That’s why hiring professional movers is the only way to have a stress-free relocation. Movers can do pretty much everything you need when it comes to relocating you and settling you in your new place. Whatever you need whether it’s something simple like getting you packing materials or something rather complicated like moving your vehicle or a piano. Here is one fun fact for you (evolving relocations) in this city – winter is a great time (or the perfect season) to relocate to NYC so maybe you can wait a bit?

A young woman unpacking boxes
Unpacking is hard but as soon as you do it you will be able to start exploring everything Manhattan can offer you.

Places you need to check out in Manhattan

We showed you a lot of great places where singles in Manhattan meet up and you should check them out first. But, Manhattan is a really big place and there is so much more you need to see and visit there. This is just the beginning. We believe that TripAdvisor can also help you a lot but there are people who will be much better at this. We are talking about locals of course. As soon as you unpack and settle in make sure to start getting to know your neighbors and befriend them. That is the best way to find all of the hidden jewels in your new neighborhood.