Guide to moving from the US to Hong Kong

Whether you are still thinking about moving to Hong Kong or you are already made that decision. It is a different country so there are some things you need to know. From the traditions and holidays to the nature of the people living there. You are in luck, although Hong Kong is not a big city it has incredible diversity to offer to you. And it is welcoming to the new people. But you will still need a guide to moving from the US to Hong Kong. So, explore which items you shouldn’t bring and start preparing for the move. Here’s a couple of useful pieces of information for you.

Before anything apply for a Visa

You will have to make sure you have the right papers for applying. Although depending on the passport you have. Some people can stay from seven to 180 without a visa. But better have everything in order before coming so you don’t have problems later. Depending on your situation you can apply for a working visa or dependent visa, and trailing spouse. When you finish and get your papers, Relosmart Movers can help you with the relocation. So you don’t have to do it by yourself.

People moving from the US to Hong Kong are signing documents.
Before doing anything be sure your paperwork is in order so you don’t have troubles later. Visa is the biggest most have when moving to another country.

One of the first steps to safe moving from the US to Hong Kong is making an ID card

Hong Kong has a law that everyone above the age of eleven must have their ID. If you plan to stay here for a longer period of time you will need to apply for the ID within 30 days of landing. It would be good and recommended to book an appointment online because it can be hectic in the Immigration Office and it is not always guaranteed you will they will have time for you if you just show up. Make sure to bring your paperwork like your passport, a valid visa, and a completed application form to your appointment. So everything will go as fast as it can.

A passport is necessary for moving from the US to Hong Kong
If you are planning to live in Hong Kong you will need to respect their law. Be sure to apply for the ID card as soon as you land.

If you need help with moving don’t worry, you can find help whenever you are. Licensed professionals will help you with everything you need. Relocating from one country to another is not easy but with help, it will take a little bit of stress of your shoulders. They will help you with moving, unpacking and anything else you need and at a good price. Because they know how moving from the US to Hong Kong can damage the wallet. But don’t worry you will not experience anything else than professionals and excellent help. People don’t say they are the best for no reason.

Ask licensed professionals to help you

Moving from the US to Hong Kong includes careful packing and transportation of your belongings. When it comes to packing your electronics, you need to focus on your belongings and ensure they are properly protected for a long-distance move. Check everything thoroughly after unpacking to see if everything is in order and not damaged.