Guide to finding reliable movers in Lakewood

When embarking on the process of relocating to Lakewood, CO, hiring trustworthy movers is paramount to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition! However, entrusting your valuable possessions to a reputable moving company requires careful research and consideration. Therefore, you’ll need a guide to finding reliable movers in Lakewood by your side! Thanks to those tips, you’ll be able to ensure yourself a successful and secure moving experience with dependable moving experts!

Anyhow, before you dive into this search, do a little homework! First of all, find out what movers can do for you to make your upcoming move simple and easy. Also, inform yourself about the specialty moving services, their prices, etc. Thanks to that, you’ll know more about movers’ business and how they can help you relocate!

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You have to do your best to find dependable moving professionals to handle your relocation!

Find out what movers in Lakewood can do for you

Well, as soon as you decide to relocate, you should explore your moving options! This is important to do because relocating professionals from Lakewood can provide you with various services. For instance, movers can help you execute a residential move, commercial move, senior move, piano move, and more. Anyhow, apart from that, some moving experts from Lakewood have it all in one place. Therefore, with them as your partners, you can rest knowing they’ll take care of your upcoming move in no time. Dependable movers from Lakewood will help you organize that relocation with easy. Also, specialists will offer you high-quality packing services, so you can rest knowing your belongings will be properly prepared for a transfer. Movers can also ensure a smooth move, so you can expect all your stuff to arrive in your new home in perfect shape. 

Along with that, reliable movers will also offer you additional services. Those can be loading, unloading, unpacking, fine art moving assistance, junk removal, etc. That’s why, before you make any decision, you have to learn as much as you can about those services! Thanks to that, you’ll be certain these people can become your partners!

Use online resources

Once you determine what type of movers you need for your upcoming relocation project, go online! Utilize search engines, business directories, and review platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List to compile a list of potential moving companies in the area. And, while searching for the right people for the job, pay close attention to customer reviews and ratings! Check those out because they provide valuable insights into the quality of service, professionalism, and reliability of each company. 

However, if you need help with this search, find out which information to look for when hiring movers online. Thanks to that, you can easily narrow down your options and find reliable relocating experts in Lakewood whose services you can use to make your move simple and easy.

A woman is finding reliable movers in Lakewood online.
As you can see, online resources can help with finding reliable movers in Lakewood in no time!

Check out the license and insurance

Verifying the licensing and insurance of potential movers is a critical step in ensuring the safety and reliability of your move. When a moving company holds the necessary licenses, it indicates that they are compliant with legal regulations and have met specific industry standards. So, to avoid any misunderstandings with your movers about this, learn what a USDOT number is and how you look it up! For interstate moves, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires companies to have a valid USDOT number. This identification not only validates their legitimacy but also allows you to track their safety record and any complaints filed against them.

Additionally, for intrastate moves within Colorado, it’s crucial to check with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to confirm that the company holds the required state license. Thanks to that, you’ll build a foundation of trust and accountability with your chosen movers, ensuring a secure and reliable moving experience.

Some other things that can help you find reliable movers in Lakewood

  • As soon as you decide to relocate, ask friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors for recommendations if they’ve recently moved. Do that, because personal experiences and referrals can be valuable in identifying trustworthy movers!
  • Also, when planning on hiring movers, make sure to contact at least three different moving companies to obtain quotes! Provide them with accurate information about your move, including the size of your home, the distance you’re moving, and any special items that require extra care. Then, compare the quotes and select professionals who meet your demands and budget the best!
  • It is important to assess the customer service provided by the company as well. That will tell you how responsive movers are to inquiries, how professional they are, etc. And when the move is completed, there, you can also provide feedback for your movers.
  • Along with that, you also need to clearly understand the services offered by the moving company. For instance, do they provide packing and unpacking services? Are there additional charges for packing materials, stair carries, or bulky items?
  • And, of course, you have to be cautious if a moving company requires a large upfront deposit. Remember that, because reputable movers typically require payment upon delivery.
In the end, hire moving professionals who fit your demands the best!

Finalize your decision

Well, when you complete the search, it is time to hire some movers! To make the right decision, analyze the collected estimates, reviews, and insights about the company’s reputation and experience. Take into account factors such as their responsiveness, transparency in pricing, and willingness to address your concerns. That is pretty important to do because a reliable moving company should instill confidence through their professionalism and commitment to ensuring a smooth move. 

Also, when finding reliable movers in Lakewood, make sure to trust your instincts. And, of course, you should opt for the company that aligns best with your requirements and offers a proven track record of delivering dependable and satisfactory moving services. So, by making an informed choice, you pave the way for a successful and stress-free relocation experience!