Guide to moving office plants

Are you moving your office? Do you love plants? How to safely move them to your new office? Moving office plants is very sensitive work, especially if you are moving long-distance. It is more complicated if you are moving a flower shop. In that case, all your focus should be on plants and their products. They need special attention and care during transportation, also a special moving vehicle (climate-controlled). So, if you need a guide, let’s start.

Tips for moving office plants

When moving your plants from one office to another, you should pay attention they have everything they need. So, here are some tips to do it perfectly safe.

A bonsai tree in the office to illustrate moving office plants

Many offices have bonsai trees and other indoor plants that give a room special vibe

  • Prepare your office plants a few weeks before a move by getting rid of dead leaves and branches.
  • Move plants in plastic pots because they are lighter and easier to move. When moving office plants, try to keep them light because costs will be lower. Relocating your HQ with ease is important as well as paying attention to the weight of your move. A moving company with experience should advise you on how to re-pot the plants and pack them safely.
  • The temperature is very important for plants, so make sure to take care of that. If moving long-distance, then a moving vehicle must be climate-controlled.
  • Don’t forget to water them. Give them enough water (as needed). If you are moving to a place with a different climate that is not good for your office plants, then you better give them away.
  • Cardboard boxes are one of the best choices where to pack your plants because they are firm and they “breathe”. But, make sure to make a few holes in boxes with plants.
  • Label boxes with plants and unpack them first after moving. Don’t wait because they need water, light, and air. It is their food.

Hire a company to move your office plants

To move your office plants safely and to have an appropriate moving vehicle, you should hire a moving company. The company must be reliable and experienced with plants. If you did not research moving companies for businesses yet, start from

Office with plants.

If you want a warm feel in the office don’t forget to organize moving office plants

Of course, plants are not the only thing to move. There are office supplies, furniture, documents, etc. Moving office to another city is stressful, and to stay in business during the relocation, you should have a team to help you relocate. You cannot lose clients.

Moving office plants is delicate work. Try your best to keep them alive and colorful. Decorate a new office and choose a different style. A style that will increase productivity. Maybe when moving a business, plants are not your number one concern, unless you are working with plants, but, you should think about them too.