Guide to apartment hunting in Long Island

The very first thing you should know about Long Island is how amazing this place is. And since you are considering moving here, then you also need to know that some spots are known as one of the best places to live in the US. So, to begin planning your life here, you are going to need a special guide to apartment hunting in Long Island. Have in mind that this process is going to cost you a lot, so make sure you have your budget set and ready!

When it comes to living in a place like Long Island, then you must prepare for everything. It doesn’t matter where are you coming from, your new life here is going to be different. You will have an opportunity to enjoy a quieter, more sophisticated, and overwhelming city. So, when looking for the right place to move here, you must be very careful and smart. Also, you must prepare your budget on time, because apartment hunting can be quite expensive, and there are some hidden moving costs to look out for.

Apartment - Have a guide to apartment hunting in Long Island.

Make sure you prepare your budget and also have a guide to apartment hunting in Long Island by your side.

Prepare yourself for the big step

Buying and even renting an apartment in Long Island is one of the largest financial transactions. With that in mind, your job is to prepare well and on time for this mission. You see, many home buyers are poorly provided to ensure they make a good purchase decision. That’s why to help guide you, you must find some tips you can use when hunting an apartment in Long Island. You will see how after this job, everything else will be simpler. And even though it’s going to cost you a lot, you will have a place on your own. Once you make a deal, you can start your relocation with

Know your budget – the first step on your guide to apartment hunting in Long Island

First of all, start crunching some numbers to get a feel for your price range. The common rule of thumb for rent is spending 30% of your income. Also, this ties into the 50/30/20 rule, which suggests the following distribution of income: 

  • 50% on fixed needs – Like rent, utilities, and transportation. 
  • 30% on daily expenses. Like eating out, shopping, and other habits. 
  • 20% of long-term financial goals. For example debt and retirement. 

But, when you’re moving to a Long Island, finding housing within a limited price range is not easy. And having reliable allies when moving is also not going to be easy. You may have to tweak the above formula to find a ratio that works for you. However, urban areas usually offer tons of free or inexpensive events. So, your daily expenses might be adjustable. 

Settle on a budget before you go apartment hunting. Also, check whether utilities exceed your price range, parking is or isn’t included, and any other potential deal-breakers. You don’t want to have your heart smashed when you realize it’s way past budget. 


It doesn’t matter if you are buying or renting an apartment. Long Island is a place where your budget must be ready.

Find the best apartment hunting websites  

  • There are plenty of apartment hunting websites with user-friendly interfaces. Like Craigslist, Zumper, and HotPads. Also, they are updated in real-time. So, you don’t get your hopes up for a place that’s no longer on the market. 
  • Regardless of which site you choose, try to stay on top of listings. Housing gems go quickly. That’s why you should set alert notifications on your phone, check websites, or refresh your email often. Make sure you don’t miss the place of your dreams. 
  • The last thing, ask around. See if anyone you know has led to a room or apartment. You can even find a roommate this way, and you can learn how to manage stress when moving too. 

Things you should have in mind that are not on the guide to apartment hunting in Long Island

  • The apartment hunt doesn’t end online – People ordinarily stick to the big two or three real estate portals, and this is a huge slip. You can miss out on far better opportunities and more awesome places to check out.
  • Do not buy or rent a place you have never seen from your own eyes before! – People tend to buy a property without doing their due diligence. That’s why you should spend time in the area on Long Island before buying it. This is especially important if you are entirely unfamiliar with it. 
  • Don’t make guesses – People also tend to think that an apartment that hasn’t been purchased within a couple of months of being on the market is wrong. But you can be mistaken. And that’s why you should see it and find out for yourself. 
  • Another mistake is just focusing on the superficial when viewing.

Beware of scams

The next step on the guide to apartment hunting in Long Island is just for you. So, when the right time comes, you must be very smart and careful. Not by any circumstance you should let ease or fun when looking for an apartment over the Internet. That will only cause you to lower your guard. This is quite important to remember, especially when you are searching for an apartment in a huge place like Long Island. You see, just because you use a reputable apartment-search Web site it doesn’t mean you can’t get scammed by dishonest landlords. So, if anything feels wrong it may be wise not to pursue that listing.

Moving box and knife.

After apartment hunting, it’s time for moving.

Prepare for the move

After creating a guide to apartment hunting in Long Island, your job is to prepare for the next step. That is making another guide. You see after you find a new place for living, you need to relocate there. And to do that process successfully and stress-free, your mission is to prepare well. So, you should plan your move, provide the budget again, and you need to learn how to find the best movers. Along the way, learn some tips and tricks to make it easier and make sure you get lots of help!

Places in Long Island you should consider moving to

  • Brookville
  • Garden City
  • Great Neck Estates
  • Huntington
  • Jericho
  • Kensington
  • Oyster Bay
  • Stony Brook
  • Syosset
  • University Gardens