Futuristic design ideas for your new West Hollywood home

Interior design is very important. Your home is where you spend most of your time. And even if you don’t, you always want to come into a very nice environment. And the interior design is evolving. A lot of things are modern all at once nowadays as there are plenty of people and everyone likes different things. Some people love antique-looking homes, some are more casual, some like their home to be an artsy mess, and some people want their home to be as simple as possible yet very beautiful. And there are also people like you who like futuristic design. The futuristic design can vary from person to person. Minimalistic design is considered futuristic. But so are homes that are filled with unique furniture and decorative pieces. But we want to focus on the more common futuristic design which is the minimalistic design. A lot of people seem to be liking this design. And it is very easy to achieve. We decided to give you some of our futuristic design ideas that you can use after moving into your new West Hollywood home.

West Hollywood home.
West Hollywood homes are amazing and very modern on the outside. Make them modern on the inside as well.


One of the biggest indicators of a minimalistic futuristic home is everything being one color. This is also why so many people love this type of interior design. It is very easy to achieve. Especially if you opt for beige and brown tones, all white or black with a hint of some other color. Anyone can follow this pattern and create a very lovely home. This type of interior design looks especially nice in those big West Hollywood homes. And if you are moving to one of those, we suggest opting for the color white. This will also up the value of your home if you decide to move away to a different one at some point.

Why white?

White is the most elegant color out there. There is nothing more pleasing than walking into a bright room. And as this is a West Hollywood home we are talking about, you will probably have a lot of windows in your home a nice front and backyard. The color white will really accentuate the outside from the inside. Which is going to create this amazing futuristic illusion of the outside being inside.

Have in mind that this comes with some cons as well. For example, having an all-white home and pets and children isn’t going to work out as well as you planned. Especially if your children are young. We all know how messy children and animals can be. But if you are certain that you will be able to handle anything that can happen, we say go for it. You will adore living in an all-white home. The color white can be very relaxing. It also makes you more focused on your work.

Table, chairs, and a plant in a vase placed according to futuristic design ideas.
All white is the best way to go.

You also have to be very careful when moving into your new West Hollywood home. Causing damage to your home when moving in and unpacking is very common. But the transport of white things is also tricky. You have to make sure that everything is packed nicely and safely. This is why hiring safe and affordable transport is a must. This means hiring professional movers to move all these things for you.

Make it spacious

West Hollywood homes are usually very big and spacious. But with the minimalistic futuristic interior design, you can make a small home look spacious as well. This is what makes it look so futuristic – a lot of free space. And if your home is already big, you have a lot of space. This means that you definitely need to have a huge couch and a big coffee table. Buying regular furniture does not go in line with futuristic design ideas. You need to invest in modern, minimalistic furniture. Having fun shapes is welcome as long as you keep it all monochrome. So, switch up your old couch for a new one, a bigger one, a more modern one. This will make your West Hollywood home look so much more futuristic.

But make sure you don’t overdo it with the furniture. Having a lot of furniture in your home isn’t very futuristic. The less, the better. This is why we advise you to invest in a very big couch where plenty of people could be seated comfortably. Have in mind that if you decide to relocate, this couch will be hard to move. Hiring movers is a must even if having a local relocation to another home in the neighborhood. But even when that is the case you have to hire an experienced moving company. Also look for people who know the area well, so local Hollywood movers. Finding the best moving company is easier than you might think.

A living room decoratd in line with futuristic design ideas.
The less furniture, the better.

Home decor

As we are giving you some of our futuristic design ideas, we have to include the home decor as well. Home decor is very important for every type of interior design. Without decorative pieces in your home, it will look very bland and boring. But when it comes to futuristic design ideas that we have, overdoing it with the decor is a bad thing. This is when you start to lose the futuristic if you have too many decorative pieces. Having a lot of mirrors is the best thing to do when wanting a futuristic home design. Find decorative pieces that are geometrical. Straight lines are as futuristic as the curvy lines in furniture.

If you want to have artwork on your walls, opt for modern art. Modern art is simple. There are plenty of artists out there that create some amazing modern artwork. But make sure that it doesn’t involve a lot of colors. Once again, you want your home as monochrome as possible. Just a couple of lines or scribbles of different colors are more than enough. Have in mind that if you decide to move away you need to know just how to pack artwork. It is very easy for artwork to get damaged during relocation, even a local one.