Finding local storage 101

When you find yourself in a need to rent a storage unit, it’s best to look for the facility that’s in your zip code. Preferably in your neighborhood. Finding ideal local storage may be harder than you think, and you will have to do some research. Still, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to find the best storage solution.

First of all, for how long you’ll need local storage?

In order to decide what type of local storage unit you should look for, you need to determine why do you need storage space, to begin with. Maybe you want to declutter your house or you are remodeling your home. Or you don’t have the room for your musical instruments. Perhaps you’re moving and your new home isn’t move-in ready.
All those situations have a different time frame. They will dictate do you need to rent a storage unit for a short or a longer time.
How long your belongings will stay in the storage unit is crucial in choosing the perfect local storage solution. Another important thing that you need to know how to pick the right size of the storage unit. You will determine that on the number of your belongings that you wish to store.

Calendar with circled date.

You need to know what size of a storage unit to look for and for how long.

How to find a reliable local storage facility?

In order to find a perfect storage unit, you will have to do some research. If you’ve ever used the professional movers, the principle is the same.
Go online and start looking for storage solutions near your home. Make a selection of the at least three potential warehouses that have piqued your interest.
Check their references and testimonials of the persons that use their services. See what are their monthly rents for a different type of units, and exclude the ones that don’t fit into your budget.

Man searching for the local storage solution on a laptop and taking notes.

See what the internet has to offer when available local storage options are in question.

The next step is to visit them yourself and see in person if their advertisement is correct. Explain what you’re looking for and what amenities you wish that your unit have. Write down if there’s any red flag that makes you doubt the safety of the storage facility. After you do the personal inspection of all three locations, compare them. Use a scoring method.
Choose the facility that you liked the most and that has the best total score.

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What are the benefits of local storage?

When you have to drive for hours to get to your things, that’s not a good scenario. It will cost you a lot of gas money, and time. Especially if you are storing things that you use frequently and you don’t have space for them in your home. Even if you store some seasonal clothes or Christmas decoration, it’s pointless to travel to a different town just to get them.

It’s even worst idea to rent a storage unit in a faraway place and then don’t visit it for ages. Once you do go to it, there’s no knowing what will you find. A family of rat living in your couch? Books ruined with most? Do you really want to take that chance?
To sum up, it’s always better to choose local storage because of its proximity.
You should visit your storage unit at least once a month. That way, you will make sure that your belongings are safe, accounted for and without any damages.

Car on the road

Road trips are so fun. Driving many miles just to get to your storage unit isn’t.

Choosing between different storage options

When you start looking for local storage units, you will see that there are so many self-storage options to choose from.

Figuring out the type of unit best suits your needs will help you to find the perfect storage solution.

  • Climate controlled storage – These kinds of units will keep your storage against extreme hot and cold temperatures as well as humidity. Humidity is a big enemy of the organic materials due to the possibility of mold and mildew. IF you want to store that kind of objects, the best is to opt out for climate controlled storage.
  • 24-hour access storage facilities – In these facilities you can access your unit whenever you want. Surely, the storage unit with the 24/7 access is a bit more pricey, but if that is something that you really need, it may well be worth it.
  • Drive-up access storage – It’s very convenient when you can drive up to your storage unite. Drive-up access storage units are situated in a single-story building and accessible from the outside. That means that you can pull your vehicle right up to the unit which makes loading and unloading so much easier. These kind of outdoors units are cheaper than the interior ones, so you can rent a storage unit without breaking the bank.
  • Storage units with electricity – These type of storage units means that they have electrical outlets. Having this amenity will allow you to plug into the facility’s power source, but it will cost you extra. Of course, if you need electricity in your storage unit, it will pay off.
  • Alarm system – Any safe and reputable storage facility will have a security system, but you can always opt for adding an alarm system to your storage unit for more safety.