How to find reliable movers in Florida?

So, you are preparing for your upcoming relocation and you already feel stressed. Will everything go according to plan? Will you be able to organize your move? If these questions worry you, then you’ll need some help. In order to keep your stress levels low, you should hire professional movers. But, there is another problem – how to find reliable movers in Florida? Well, here’s how! Just keep reading and you’ll get your answers. After you study our awesome guide, you’ll be able to find the best moving company with ease.

Ask for a recommendation

It is always better to hire a moving company that was recommended to you. Therefore, go and ask your family, friends, colleagues if they can recommend you some good moving company in Florida. Ask them if there was something wrong when they were moving, ask about employers behavior, attitude etc. This is very important because not all of us can tolerate the same behavior. These little details will help you decide whether you’ll go for their recommendations or not.

Man showing thumbs up after recommending reliable movers in Florida.

Ask your best friends if they know anything about reliable movers in Florida. Their opinion will matter to you.

 Read customer reviews and complaints

If none of the people from your surrounding can recommend you a reliable moving company, you’ll have to search the Internet. Search for the recommendations online and read customer opinions and their complaints. This way, you’ll know opinions from a bigger number of people, and not just from one person. Knowing that your preferable company has good reviews will manage your stress while moving. So, in order to find reliable movers in Florida, prepare yourself for reading online reviews. A lot of them.

 Do a background check to find reliable movers in Florida

Reading someone’s opinions online isn’t the only thing you’ll do on the Internet. You’ll need to do a background check, too. This is a very important step in finding true professionals and avoiding moving scams. So, here’s how to do it. For example, you can type Orange Movers Miami and go on their website. Check their info, look up their address and phone number. After this, search for their social media profiles and see if it’s not fake. If everything seems legit, and a company has good ratings, know that you will most definitely be safe from moving scams with that company.

Close up of woman's hands writing on laptop.

If something doesn’t seem right when you’re doing a background check, trust your gut and don’t hire that moving company.

 Make sure they have a legal business

Be aware of moving companies that don’t have a legal business! These kind of moving companies are everywhere so it is important to know how to avoid them. Every moving company that operates legally, needs to be registered with the US Department of Transportation. Once they register themselves, they’ll get a USDOT number. You have the right to ask any moving company for their USDOT number and look it up online. This number will provide you with some valuable information when you are searching for reliable movers in Florida.

Always hire a moving company with a license! These companies are regulated by the federal law, which is why you’ll be relaxed knowing you’re personal belongings are in good hands. The lookup of the USDOT number is easy, don’t be lazy and make sure you don’t skip this step.

 Create your top three reliable movers in Florida…

Once you complete the research, you’ll know which companies are adequate for your needs. Narrow down your choices and create a list of top three moving companies in Florida. Write them down, with all their pros and cons. Focus on these three companies and forget about the rest. This will help you make a decision much faster.

… And compare them

This is the final step for finding true professionals. When you search for a reputable moving company from Miami, you’ll end up with many different moving companies. This will make your search even harder. So, make a top three list and prepare to compare these Florida moving companies. Here’s on what you’ll need to pay attention to.

  • Moving Services. If you are in need of long distance movers, or you’ll be bringing many fragile items with you, you’ll need some additional moving services. Find out if your top three have the type of services you need. And go for the one that has them.
  • Additional Fees. Sometimes, we forget to ask about additional fees and that can cost us a lot. Many companies have hidden fees that are just waiting to empty our pockets. So, in order to save yourself from these troubles, find out if there are any additional fees when hiring your reliable movers in Florida.
  • And finally, moving estimates. Make a request for moving estimates, analyze and compare them. Always ask for an estimate in person and only after movers go through your home. If they want to give you an estimate over the phone, without even stopping by your home, disregard them. Moving is an important thing in your life which is why your movers need to behave accordingly.

    Smiley faces drawn on board.

    Compare moving companies and pick the one that has everything you need.

Pick your number one moving company

After you get all the information, it is time to make a decision! If your number one moving company has everything that is listed above, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll be moving your art across the state safely and your other belongings will stay intact, too.

Once you learn how to find reliable movers in Florida, you’ll have everything for a successful relocation. And one more thing! Remember to teach your family and friends how to search for a reliable moving company. Tell them on what to pay attention. This way, you’ll help us prevent moving scams and you’ll keep your loved ones, and their personal belongings, safe.