How to find reliable movers in Chicago?

When you’re moving you want your movers to be as good as they can be. However, sometimes choosing and picking them is not the easiest thing to do. It can be a daunting and time-consuming task for many reasons. Mainly because there are many factors that you need to consider when dealing with this. One thing to remember is that the most important thing always should be reliability. It promises that your belongings will be transported safely and that is the only thing that you should worry about. However, you have to understand that it comes with the price. But more on that later on. Here’s how to find reliable movers in Chicago.

Recommendations from your friends and family

The first thing that you should do when getting ready for moving cross country is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you have someone that moved into the area recently, start with them. And since the average American moves a house every five years, finding someone shouldn’t be much of a problem. The important things that you should ask about are dependability, honesty, and affordability. However, remember that the latest is pretty much the least important at this time.

The thing with finding movers this way is that you can skip most of the steps right away. And that can save you time as you can not imagine. That is important since time is something that you’ll lack the most during the whole process. Which you already know if you moved ever in your life. What is good about this is that you can spend that time doing something else relocation-related. So, call your friends and ask them to help you if they can as soon as you can.

Woman trying to find reliable movers in Chicago via the phone.

One of the best ways to find reliable movers in Chicago is by asking for recommendations from your friends.

Do a survey when trying to find reliable movers in Chicago

If you have luck, someone of your friends will give you a recommendation for a great moving company like is, and your search will be over. However, that’s not how things work out usually. Most of the time, you will have to do research on your own. And that can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily for you, there are things that can help you with this, and we know all the tricks.

So, what you should do is start searching the internet. Find a few companies near you and call them. This shouldn’t be a problem as Chicago is a town that boasts with them. Ask them for a quote over the phone and compare all of them. However, these are not always as true as they can be. Be sure to request an in-home estimate. The company will send a representative to your house and he or she will make a list of all the things that you want to move to. That way, you’ll get the most precise estimate that you can get.

Compare the movers that you have chosen

Now, anyone can choose a few companies, but the trick when you want to find reliable movers in Chicago is to know how to compare them. It may seem that it comes down only to the price, but that is never the case. If you choose your movers solely on the cost, you’ll probably end up with some problems. And that’s something that no one wants.

Of course, for all of us price is very important but what comes with that price is what matters. Find out what are the extra services that you get for more of your money. It’s definitely worth paying a little bit extra if you get professional packing included in the cost. There’s also disassembling and later assembling of big pieces of furniture that couldn’t be transported any other way. If you have some special items or bulky musical instruments like the piano, this is even more essential.

Just remember that if you get an offer that is substantially lower than all the rest of them, you shouldn’t go with it at any time.

A scale.

It’s important to compare the movers that you’re considering.

Read the customer reviews

Once you have done all the basic preparations, and you have a few good moving quotes on your table, it’s time to check customer reviews. This is a very important step of how to find reliable movers in Chicago. Be prepared for this to take some time, but we promise you that it will be worthwhile as you’ll find the best movers this way.

Now, since one of the most important things for moving companies is the reputation, you can learn the most from it. And here we’re talking about online reputation. Visit a few different websites that have moving reviews and read as many of them as you can about your desired companies. On the other hand, you have to be aware that fake reviews are a thing, and the internet is full of them. If you come across some that mention personal names of the movers, or they go into the details too much it should raise a red flag.

Man giving a review.

Reviews are a mark of quality, but be aware that the fake ones do exist.


In the end, it all comes down to you. You are making the final decision, and you will have to bear with the consequences if you make a bad choice. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to hurry with your decision. All the companies will always state that they’re the best and that they’re the cheapest. Both of which are impossible, and now you know why. The quality usually comes with the price, and reliable movers won’t be cheap.

The last step to take when trying to find reliable movers in Chicago is to check if they’re members of the American Moving and Storage Association, or AMSA for short. This is the most prestigious organization when it comes to moving and only the best companies can brag with the membership.