Favorite Saudi Arabia cities among young Americans

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country with lots of amazing cities. This is why plenty of Americans have started relocating to Saudi Arabia. The beautiful cities are not the only reason why, of course. They are moving to Saudi Arabia because there are plenty of business opportunities. Lots of them are moving their American-based businesses to Saudi Arabia as earning more money and developing a business is much easier there. Some young Americans are moving to Saudi Arabia because of how fun living there could be. The reasons are numerous. No matter what your reason for moving to Saudi Arabia is, you certainly have to make a hard decision and that is where in Saudi Arabia you will be moving to. We are here to simplify making this decision by writing about some of the most favorite Saudi Arabia cities among young Americans.


The first one out of many favorite Saudi Arabia cities is Jeddah which is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia by population. Around 4 million people live in this beautiful city. Why this city is one of the favorite ones among Americans is because of the fact that it is the least conservative city in the country. As you know, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and their rules are very strict and even the expats who move to Saudi Arabia have to follow some of them. But in Jeddah that is not the case as there are a lot of expats living there. This is why this conservatism has lowered. Either way, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get informed about the biggest cultural differences between the US and Saudi Arabia.

Why young Americans love Jeddah and are moving there is also because of the fact that it is an affordable city. A single person would need around just $800 a month to live leisurely. But that is without paying for rent. If you are also paying rent, for a single-person apartment, you would have to pay around $600. And that is for a very nice, modern apartment in the city center. This isn’t expensive at all when compared to other favorite Saudi Arabia cities.

Jeddah city.
Jeddah is a beautiful city full of people from all over the world.

To move to Jeddah from the United States, you would definitely need someone to transport your belongings for you. And for quick delivery of your items to Jeddah from the US, you should definitely hire a cargo company. This is the fastest and the safest way to transport everything you want. This is an especially good idea if you are moving a business to Jeddah.


The next in line has to be the capital of Saudi Arabia which is Riyadh. Riyadh counts the biggest number of residents, around 7 million people live in Riyadh. There are also people from all over the world living in Riyadh as it is an incredible city to live in. There are plenty of things you can do here. You have malls, museums, parks, and plenty of other places to go to. There are even bars and clubs.

Riyadh from above.
Riyadh is a modern city with lots of things for you to do here.

But have in mind that Riyadh is a lot more conservative and that some things aren’t allowed even for expats. Drinking alcohol is strongly prohibited. You could get a fine for being caught doing so. Also, dating has some very strict rules. This is why if you will be going on dates in Riyadh, you really have to do your best to keep it subtle in order not to get in trouble. These rules are hard to follow for people from the Western world that aren’t used to them. But after some time, you will get used to all of this even though it is all new.

Once you see how amazing the housing here is, you will certainly want to move to Riyadh. But rent here is almost double the price than the price of rent in Jeddah. At least earning money in Riyadh is easy. Finding a job there is fast and starting your own business is a good idea. So, if you decide to relocate to Saudi Arabia from the United States, Four Winds KSA is a company that can help make relocation fast and easy.


One much smaller city than the two we told you about already is Tabuk. Even though it is smaller and fewer people live there, that certainly doesn’t mean that it is lacking something. On contrary, there is everything you need in Tabuk and more. Tabuk is a very safe city to live in which is why it is one of the favorite Saudi Arabia cities among young people who are moving from America in order to start a family.

Map of Saudi Arabia.
There are plenty of beautiful cities you should definitely consider moving to in Saudi Arabia.

Tabuk has an excellent climate which is why it is also one of the favorite moving destinations of Young Americans moving to Saudi Arabia. This is an urban city but there are plenty of suburban areas as well. Another great thing to be said about Tabuk is that it is much more affordable than the previous cities you read about. This is why it has started attracting more and more people from all over the world to relocate there. Having an international move is a tough task but it is worth it if moving to a nice place such as Tabuk.


If you like popular touristic destinations, Mecca is the place for you. People from all over the world come to Mecca as it is a sacred city. It is a truly beautiful city to live in. There are plenty of amazing restaurants where you could eat some great local food. The public transportation here is also good meaning you certainly don’t need a car if living in Medina. It is a constantly busy city which is why using public transport is certainly what we recommend doing if you are moving to Mecca.