Family-friendly neighborhoods in Tucson

Arizona is an amazing state to move to with your family. There are plenty of family-friendly cities in Arizona that moving to is a good idea. One of them is Tucson. It is one of the biggest cities in the state and definitely one of the best cities in Arizona to live in. As Tucson is a big city, there are plenty of neighborhoods to move to. And choosing one when you are not from there can be a hard task. This is why we wanted to try and make things easier for those of you who are planning on moving to Tucson with your families. Below is where you will read about some of the best and most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tucson to consider moving to.

Sam Hughes

If living in the suburbs with your family is what you have dreamt of, Sam Hughes is the neighborhood for you. It is the classic American suburb. But it has a twist to it. It is located almost in the center of the city of Tucson. Downtown Tucson is just fifteen minutes away. This suburb is where a lot of families live in.

Sam Hughes is not an expensive neighborhood but the housing here is great. It is not as peaceful as some other neighborhoods in the city because there is a University located very nearby to the neighborhood. This is why we believe that young couples would love living in Sam Hughes. My Tucson Movers can help you relocate to this lovely neighborhood or any other neighborhood in Tucson.

Downtown Tucson.
Downtown Tucson is located close to Sam Hughes.

South Park

The name of the famous cartoon comes from the name of this neighborhood. South Park is an amazing neighborhood to live in even though it might not be like so in the cartoon. There are parks here where you can spend time with your children. Housing is also very affordable, both renting housing and purchasing it. This is why a lot of students and young professionals live here. Also, South Park is very close to Tucson downtown which is another reason why it attracts so much attention.

University of Arizona.
A lot of young people live in Tucson because of the University of Arizona.

West University

One of the best neighborhoods in Tucson is called West University. A lot of college students live here. This is a neighborhood perfect for young people. This is why if you are moving with children, living in West University isn’t a bad idea at all. Raising a family in Arizona is a good plan if you are moving to West University in Tucson.

There are plenty of restaurants with great food. You also have plenty of fun things to do here. There is a shopping mall here where you will find something for everyone. Most people who come to Tucson as tourists spend a lot of time in this neighborhood as it is very lively and fun. Living here is a great idea if you are not planning on moving somewhere else. You will love it in West University.