Explore small towns of Louisiana and find your perfect home

A great diversity of people, cultures, and wildlife is what makes Louisiana one of the most interesting states to live in. Having a rich history, Louisiana prides itself on many historical buildings and monuments. Its coastal area is perfect for cooling down when the weather is boiling. The state is home to famous New Orleans and other big, impressive cities, but rural areas and small towns of Louisiana are equally beautiful.

Being that you’re not exactly an urban type, together we’ll explore small towns of Louisiana, and hopefully, you’ll find your perfect home. After choosing the right town for you, prepare yourself properly and avoid making common problems when moving to a new home for having a stress-free move.

Now, let’s see what we have here, shall we?

  • Grand Isle
  • Gonzales
  • Natchitoches
  • Breaux Bridge
  • St. Francisville
  • Minden

Grand Isle, here we come!

Interestingly enough, the Grand Isle is the only inhabited barrier island in the whole state. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, it is home to sandy beaches, water-filled activities, restaurants with amazing seafood, and so on. Fishing is the most practiced among locals, but renting kayaks is also possible. The Grand Isles have diverse wildlife, esp. fish and birds. To see more than a hundred different species of butterflies, visit the grand Isles Butterfly Dome. Here, you’ll feel a real connection with the natural world. Did you know that there’s a women-only contest in fishing that benefits breast cancer charities once a year? Give it a try ladies!

A boat at purple sunset
Explore the small coastal town of Grand Isles that, aside from swimming, offers various water-filled activities during the summer season.

Located in the far south along the coast, the Grand Isle is the farthest one from the list. Having said that, if the cost of service is what makes your nights sleepless, don’t despair! There are ways to cut moving expenses when relocating and save on the move. There you go!

Explore Gonzales with other small towns of Louisiana

To start with a great location: between the capital of Baton Rouge and famous new Orleans. You can easily visit the two cities should you begin missing the charms of a big city. Being near metropolises means that you can search for a job there and commute easily to your workplace. Speaking of Gonzales, it’s a nicely arranged town with a lot of green space, and tourists love it. It’s also known as Jambalaya Capital of the World as locals organize Jambalaya Festival annually. What will you do? Prepare it yourself or taste offerings?

Should you choose Gonzales for your future home, local movers will provide you with a facility to leave your belongings until you cleaned a new home or the like. You’ll find that Gonzales storage solutions are ideal for a transition like yours. Plus, they are easily accessible.

One and only Natchitoches

The small town of Natchitoches is the oldest French settlement on the territory of Louisiana. Even though no one speaks the French language anymore, their heritage is what remained in the form of food and architecture. You can even notice similarities in the style of buildings between it and New Orleans.

An evergreen forest with a path, following which one can further explore  small towns of Louisiana.
Natchitoches has lots of historical and natural sites for a small town.

Historians will adore exploring this town rich in remnants of French culture, such as the Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site and the Cane River National Heritage Area. For nature-lovers, going to the National Forest with evergreen trees and a river flowing into a lake is perfect. 

Explore Breaux Bridge, one of the nicest small towns in Louisiana

Known as the Crawfish Capital of the World, this small Louisiana town has a food scene like you have never seen before. Organizing Crawfish Festival once a year and boasting top-notch restaurants, this place is awesome for foodies. Even diners serve excellent food. Explore this small town, and you will find that Cajun music is on stage almost every night. To add, Breaux-bridge has developed eco-tourism, so put down visiting Lake Martin or Henderson levee on your list. Also, write down allamericanmoves.com and visit the site when the time for preparations comes to find packing and moving supplies.

Explore the small towns of Louisiana with us! Moving over to St. Francisville

Though many people are not aware of the fact, dozens of films and TV shows were filmed right here in St. Francisville. The town has a tiny population and thus a thigh-knight community, and you can find some of the best people here. It is a rather quiet place without much going on: it’s perfect for seniors and a family that wants a tranquil surrounding. Even so, the capital of Louisiana is a 45-minute drive from here. Your children will be near you when they’ve gone to college. Isn’t that great? It’s worth mentioning that the town has many historical sites to visit.

Typical Louisiana house with a big porch
Explore the small town of St. Francisville: a peaceful town and home to warm-hearted people to hang out with on the porch like one in the photo.

If you’re you a family looking for peace and quiet after living a fast-paced life in a noisy urban area, according to local movers, Zippy Shell Louisiana, then St. Francisville is the right place for you. All you need is a good moving company that can assist you in the process. What are you waiting for then?

Minden is so small yet so charming

As we explore the small towns of Louisiana, we cannot but mention Minden, a beautiful town situated in the pine forest. Brick-paved streets and nice-maintained parks add to the charm of this small town with the Caney Lake at the epicenter. If you’re not fully content with swimming in the lake surrounded by breath-taking scenery, The Caney Lakes Recreation Area offers plenty of water-filled activities which enable locals to have fun during the whole of summer.

Prepare on time

Exploring small towns of Louisiana will make for a wonderful passtime but they will surely make you wonder about moving to one of them. Should you decide to make one of them your home, do your homework, prepare on time, ask professional mvoers to assist you and getready to enjoy wonderful Luisiana countryside.