Exercise tips for movers: Stay in good shape and prevent injuries

Are you working as a mover? It is not an easy job – you are lifting and packing bulky items daily. It can be dangerous because injuries are common when moving. You, as a professional should know how to stay in good shape and prevent injuries when working. By searching for exercise tips for movers, you will minimize injuries.

Common moving injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are common when moving and packing, especially if it is your daily work. No matter if you are new in this business or you have the experience, you must take care of yourself and to stay healthy during moving. Some of the common moving injuries are:

  • Strained back, even for the people in good shape. It is the most common injury because of lifting and carrying big and heavy items. But, when having exercise tips for movers, you will minimize this risk. Back problems are common in this business this is why exercising is so important.
  • Broken fingers and toes are also possible, and by working out you cannot prevent these injuries. So, you need to be careful.
  • Cuts and scrapes when packing sharp items such as knives.
  • Knee injuries because of lifting are also common. This is why you should make sure your legs are strong enough.
  • Sprained ankles, it is enough to make just one misstep to roll your ankle.
Back pain.
Back injuries are the most common when working as a professional mover because of lifting heavy moving boxes

Avoid moving injuries by exercising

On what part of your body to pay attention when working as a professional mover? Mostly do exercises for your back. Most common injuries are related to that part of the body. When you need to relocate a pool table or any other item that is big and heavy, is risky.

Toe touches from a standing position can hurt you, even more, so do not do that if you feel the in in the lower back. Also, skip sit-ups if you are feeling pain.

Instead of that, try partial crunches. This will build strength in both your lower back and related stomach muscles. Some of the exercises to practice are:

  • Knee to the chest about 3 times for each leg
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Bridging
  • Lifting Weights
  • Aerobic and pilates are a great way to make your body stronger.
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Wall Sits
  • Bird dog
Knee pain.
Take care of your body and exercise daily to stay in good shape

Hire a personal trainer to give you exercise tips for movers

One of the best ways to stay fit, healthy, and to avoid moving injuries is to exercise and to make your body stronger. Go to the gym and a personal trainer will help you stay in good shape. Tell him/her what is your job and a trainer will give you exercise tips for movers and people that have a hard and physical job.

Besides hiring a professional fitness trainer, you can download apps to help you monitor and maintain your health. The app will count your calories, steps, etc. It is not easy to be a professional mover – you always need to take care of your body and physical health. Save yourself and be careful.

Gym is the perfect place where you can exercise with a personal trainer and you will have someone to help you

Exercise when moving

If you don’t have time to exercise after work and to go to the gym, there is another solution. To work out while packing and moving – treat packing as part of your workout. You can use boxes as your exercise equipment. For example, do squats with boxes to work on your legs or shoulder presses with a box for your upper body. Also, keep in mind that you can lose about 250 calories when packing for an hour, 380 calories when moving furniture, and about 600 when moving boxes down the stairs. If you are moving special items, you can lose even more calories.

But also, you need to eat healthily and to take care of the food you are eating. Avoid junk food and always drink enough water every day. It is important as well as working out. Eat fruit, vegetables, proteins, stay hydrated, and make sure to give your body enough nutrients.

Exercise tips for movers when packing.
Work out when you are packing, and use items you have around


Now when you have exercise tips for movers, you can stay healthy and protect your body from injuries. Your body is your temple, so take care of it – if you are new in this business, get some advice from people that are working in this industry for years. Also, while you are at work, you can co-workers, so work as a team. Don’t overdo it. Lift heavy items together and use all the right equipment for moving.