Eco-friendly move – tips

Taking care of our planet is important for us and for the next generations. Earth gives us a lot, so we must give back. The planet is full of garbage and plastic and we must work all together to clean it up. One person can’t do a lot, but together, we can do plenty. This is a rule for relocation too and it is not an exception. Having an eco-friendly move is something you should take into consideration and have a zero waste relocation.

How to have an eco-friendly move?

Moving is not only about packing and transporting items. But also, you should choose a better house that has solar panels for example. This way, you are not only helping the Earth but also, your utility bills will be lower. Or you can move to a smaller apartment and automatically, you will use less energy, gas, electricity, etc.

If you have chosen your future eco-friendly house, the next step is to pack your household items and to move. It is really simple. And when you realize how much money you can save by having an eco-friendly move, you won’t hesitate.

A lot of garbage.

Unfortunately, Earth has too much garbage and plastic.

Recycle or donate

To be eco-friendly every day, not only when moving, you should donate and recycle. Before you start to pack, separate items you want to move and to get rid of. Also, don’t use too many unnecessary packing materials, go to a Goodwill or other organization, etc. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of old habits and to start fresh.

Move fewer items

When moving fewer items not only will you need less packing material, but also, you will use less gas when driving a truck. How to decide what to take and what to donate or sell? Simple, if you did not use that shirt for 6 months or more, donate it. Or if you are moving to a cold place (Canada), beachwear is not something you desperately need.

Use what you already have

When it comes to packing, first use material you already have in the house. Avoid using plastic! Linens and soft material can be used for wrapping fragile items, or recycled paper. Be creative with packing materials, as much as you can. Today, it is easier to get materials that are biodegradable.

Eco-friendly transportation

To have a fully eco-friendly relocation, the moving company you hired should be eco-friendly too. Find the best movers that are, at the same time, emissions-free. Green moving is getting more popular nowadays, so do your research and find a mover. Cleaner biodiesel fuel is better for the environment and air.

A model of Earth inside a huge leaf.

Let’s save our planet together!

Get the right boxes and bins

Get green (bio) moving boxes, not regular cardboard boxes for your eco-friendly move. Another option is to rent reusable boxes and bins and to return them after the move. It is a cheaper option than buying new boxes.