Common misconceptions about Louisiana you should stop believing

Louisiana is one of the greatest states in the US. It is a place of great diversity and unique character. It was shaped by its dynamic history and is one of the places that now poses a unique culture and sense of pride. All of this makes Louisiana popular for newcomers in search of something new and exciting. This is perfect but most people don’t have the right view of this state. There are many misconceptions about Louisiana you should stop believing but are very common. To set things straight you should do some research and get to know this great state.

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About Louisiana

For anyone looking for a new home, Louisiana can be a perfect exciting, and unusual place. It is a place of culture and long history and heritage. This is a state that takes pride in its history and great monuments, cities, and areas that depict this bygone era. However, it is also a modern state with a lot to offer. There are plenty of modern and beautiful cities to choose from. There are also many smaller and quieter towns for those looking for some peace. Louisiana also has a great and beautiful coastline that is perfect for cooling down as well as the most beautiful nature and rural areas to enjoy.

Swamps in Louisiana are one of the misconceptions about Louisiana
It’s a common misconception about Lousiana that there are only swamps there.

With all this in mind, it is easy to fall in love with this state. There is something for everyone but there are also plenty of myths and misconceptions about Louisiana you should stop believing. So, before you make your final decision and call to help you out there are some things to set straight. So here are some misconceptions to get clear on.

  • It’s not all New Orleans
  • The state is not a swamp
  • The food is great
  • Mardi gras is a one-day event

New Orleans is not Louisiana

Anyone relying on movies may get the sense that when you say Louisiana you mean New Orleans. Well, the media and movies tend to simplify things making you believe that they are much the same. Although New Orleans is very popular with its distinct history and heritage. culture and lifestyle not all of Louisiana is the same. When you head north you will be able to see the difference. Places like Laffayet or Batton Rouge are more American and can be clearly distinguished from New Orleans. Thus Louisiana as a whole is much more like the rest of the US and less like New Orleans. However, with its flashy culture, and lifestyle it’s clear that this great city stands out as one of the most fun places in the US capturing the imagination of newcomers.

Nor a swamp at all

Again, the movies seem to present Louisiana as a swamp country. There always seems to be a man pedaling on a boat or riding an airboat. However, there are swamps in Louisiana but they are not that large. A state is mostly a plane with rolling hills. People use airports and roads so anyone having the perception that it is a large swamp and a flooding hazard is wrong.

However, having large swamps has its benefits. These are places of exquisite beauty and nature. They provide diversity and a great experience for newcomers. Life in the swamp and contact with nature and animals there is something any newcomer should try and feel.

New Orleans
Although New Orleans stands out Louisiana is much different

The food

One thing about Louisiana is the food. The state has some of the best and most diverse cuisines in the US. It is a mixture of many different influences throughout history but it is flavourful and delicious and offers a specific experience. There are plenty of influences affecting the cuisine here including Creole and Cajun. However it is not entirely based on crawfish, it is not too hot and too spicy and Louisiana chefs do not tend to blacken the food. So, anyone still holding on to these misconceptions is free to pay a visit and have a taste himself.

Mardi Gras

It is a common misconception about Lousiana that Mardi Gras is an all-year celebration. Nothing could be farther from the through. Mardi Grass season is the time around Mardi Gras but the celebration takes place for one day and it’s Fat Tuesday. So anyone coming in expecting a constant state of celebration will be wrong. The season is from January to Easter but in summer you can’t have a Mardi Gras Celebration.

In direct connection to Mardi Gras season is also a misconception about drinking. Although the celebratory feeling of this holiday might imply that the place is a happy-go-lucky area where people drink and have fun it’s simply not true. Although partying goes on during the festival, during the year it’s business as usual. People work, go to school, colleges and have regular lives. A lot of people decide to move here and stay.

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras season only lasts for so long other than that its business as usual

Living in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state like any other but there are many misconceptions about it. However, once you clear things out it is a great place to move in and live.

  • People here are friendly and welcoming. They might have a strong accent but you will be able t understand them just fine. They are happy, satisfied, and ready to have a good time.
  • Not everyone listens to jazz here. However, Louisiana is a state of music and there is some music playing at every corner. There are many festivals during the year so the place is not boring.
  • There are many great cities here that people choose to move to. Some of them are Bossier City, Lafayette, and Alexandria.

In conclusion

Once you get past all of the misconceptions about Louisiana you will realize that it is a place to fall in love with. This is why many people visit every year and they to soak in some of the atmospheres in this state. This is also the reason why many decide to move in and call it their home. So, take a look at this great state and learn more about it.