Commercial relocation 101

Relocating your business is always a hard task. You have to balance between your ongoing business and relocation obligations. All the while, every downtime has the potential to harm your monthly balance. So, performing commercial relocation quickly and precisely is of great importance. If you’ve never done it or if you want your next business relocation to be quicker and better organized, here is how to do it the right way.

Plan your commercial relocation

Before you start a commercial relocation process you need to have a good plan. Make a schedule of when you are going to pack and how long it’s going to take. Schedule the movers for early morning and allocate a certain amount of time to it. Then, plan how your unpacking and setting up is going to go. The packing and unpacking are usually activities that take the longest. So, if you didn’t hire professional packers, ask some of your employees to help you.

a notebook for planning commercial relocation

It’s important to plan your commercial relocation properly

Another thing that needs planning is downtime. It’s important to handle it with great care. Depending on the type of your business, you can be closed for the duration of the move or think of other ways to make up for the downtime. You can also start working from home right now. It will help you with the stress of relocating your business.

Hire a reliable moving company

The efficiency of your relocation greatly depends on the moving company you hire. This is not the time to save money and cut corners. By hiring reliable movers your relocation will be performed quickly and without any hiccups. So, take the time to research the companies you consider hiring. And find the right movers who will take your situation seriously. You want your commercial relocation to be quick, and without any lost or damaged item. One damaged printer can greatly slow your business operations.

shaking hands during a business deal

You should hire a reliable moving company to help you relocate

There are many moving companies that specialize in commercial relocation. But not all of them specialize in your business type. So, make sure you choose the one that already has experience relocating your office or business type.

Plan the packing process

Packing can take a lot of time. Especially if you want to do it properly. So, if you don’t plan on hiring professional packers for your commercial relocation make sure you plan this aspect of the move very well. You can ask your employees to help you pack. If you try to do it yourself you might end up needing really good Dubai Personal Trainers to help you with all the sore muscles. When planning the packing process first make a list of the moving supplies that you will need. And then move on to packing.

Label the boxes

During packing, one of the most important things is to properly label your boxes. It will take you half an hour to label every moving box. But, it will shave off hours during the unpacking process. You can either label by purpose or location. It will help you both with inventory and during setting your office up again.