How to choose the right art for your new house?

Yes, moving into a new home is exciting. Especially if you have lived in a rented place for a long time. As you have a new home now, you can decorate it the way you want it, without any restrictions. However, sometimes, that’s exactly the problem. What is really that you want to do with your home? What kind of style you should follow? If you are not sure about it, make sure you do some research and get some inspiration online. Today, we can help you with the art pieces, the items that make a house – a home. Here’s how to choose the right art for your new house and be in love with your new home!

Prepare your home for the art

Decorating a home is not simply buying art pieces and putting or hanging them randomly around your home. To make the art really stand out and have its true role in your home – you need to prepare your house for the art to come in first. Here are some basic decorating tips that will make sure your art is coming to the right place:

  • Make sure the lighting is okay – When you choose the right art for your new house, you want it to be seen properly, right? Before you start decorating, make sure the rooms receive enough natural light. And if that’s not possible, add some light fixture to the places you want to decorate.
  • Decide the color scheme and prepare the background – Pop of color is absolutely fine here and there, but there needs to be a universal color scheme that will help you choose the right art for your new house. It’s best to keep the background neutral and light, so the art pieces can truly pop up.
  • Plan the layout – If you plan on hanging several pictures on one wall, be sure to prepare a layout for easier hanging. Put the frames on the floor and arrange them the way you like it, so you can hang them faster and without mistakes.
  • Don’t overdo it – When you want to choose the right art for your home, remember that less is more. Even though many pieces and styles look tempting and interesting, be sure to pick the pieces that will really make your house more elegant, without making it too tacky.
  • a girl trying to choose the right art for your new house

    It’s not always easy to choose the right art for your new house. You need to know what you want or do a research about it.

How to choose the right art for your new house

Here are the most useful tips on how to choose the right art for your new house and make it the true reflection of your style and preferences.

Size is important

When choosing the right art for your home, you need to think about the size first. Decide what are the places in your home you will place or hang the art after you buy it. The size of these walls or spaces should be your guide in choosing the right art for your new house. Avoid putting large pieces in small spaces and vice versa. Don’t let a small piece be alone on a big white wall, as well a huge frame eat up the smaller wall in your home.

However, if you are indecisive of where the pieces should go and plan to move them around – simply go with the safest option. Pick the pieces of standard size so you can easily place them anywhere you want.

A gallery wall.

Standard-size art pieces are easy to move around and place anywhere in your home.

It’s about what you want

To choose an art piece that’s right for your home, you need to choose art that is right for you. So, even though there are some rules and trends you should follow, the main thing about this process is picking something that you really like.

If you like something – buy it now

Art pieces often don’t wait for you to decide for a long time. And if you liked something a lot, you can easily regret it if it’s sold to another buyer. So, if a piece of art causes some positive emotions in you and you really like it – be sure to act fast. However, don’t rush when moving into a new house – don’t buy art pieces just to fill your walls. Wait to really like something before you buy it.

Focus on the young artists in your area

If you are in the hunt for a good piece of art, visiting exhibits of the emerging artists can be a huge score. You never know who among the unknown artists at the moment will become a big shot in the future – raising the value of the art piece you’ve bought.

Visitning an art gallery to choose the right art for your new house.

Visiting local exhibits can help you choose the right art for your new house – focus on emerging artists in your area.

Let a savvy person help you choose the right art for your new house

If you are inexperienced with buying art, someone who knows a lot about it can help you choose the right art for your home. You can hire a designer, or ask some of your family and friends who have more experience. Taking advice can be of great help if you don’t know how to pick the right pieces by yourself.

Moving house?

When moving into a new home, we often worry about the safety of our art pieces. If you have some valuable items, you should make sure that you can transport your art collection in a safe manner. And this includes proper preparation and professional help, so you can move special items across the state without a single problem.

Pack properly

Art pieces need to be protected during transport so you need to make sure you properly pack artwork for moving. Firstly protect the corners with cardboard. Then protect the glass with placing an X with some masking tape. Wrap the piece with a lot of wrapping paper before you put it in the box. Also, make sure the boxes’ bottoms are padded with some old newspapers for extra protection. And finally, make sure each box is sealed properly, so the pieces don’t fall out during transport.

Contact a professional

If you are not experienced enough with moving the art pieces, contact someone how is. A reliable moving company like will provide you with skilled movers who can take care of your art collection with no problems.

Remember – art takes time

If you’ve just moved into a new house, and you want to decorate it as soon as possible, be sure to slow down a bit. When you want to pick the right art for your new house, make sure you take your time. This way you will browse the items you really like and don’t make any decisions you may regret later. Building a home is a process that makes you love your house even more as time passes.