Charming small towns of Illinois

Nowadays, most people have a tendency to move to bigger cities with plenty of opportunities and a lively day-to-day life. However, aside from many perks, these cities have a lot of downsides too. If they’re just not your cup of tea and you cannot handle the overcrowdedness, you can always opt for smaller places. If your work and lifestyle allow you, this could be a very positive and healthy change. Here are some of the most charming small towns of Illinois to take into consideration.

Be informed to make the best choice

First things first, make sure to stay connected and informed at all times. Don’t look for small towns in Illinois from one source and call it a day. Make sure that you’ve gone over as much information as possible. That’s how you’ll make the wisest decision. Keeping up with, you’ll find plenty of information from various different sources.

A person looking for information on small towns of Illinois.
Looking for further information on small towns of Illinois can only be helpful.

Moving from bigger cities to these smaller places

If you wish to relocate from a bigger place to a smaller one, you’ll surely feel the difference. No matter if you’re moving from a place far away or nearby. Even if you’ve lived in Chicago and are coming to one of the small towns of Illinois, it’ll take some getting used to. Taking experts’ assistance is a great option if this is the case, since you’ll have a lot on your plate without adding the burden of relocation to it.

Charming small towns of Illinois

Choosing where you want to move next isn’t easy. There are a lot of options and many of them seem pretty similar. However, they’re not. This is exactly why you should take your time while exploring. If it’s convenient, it would be best to visit the Illinois towns that have made their way onto your list. Narrowing them down this way will give you peace of mind and assure you that you’ve chosen the right place for you.


Galena is, without a doubt, the first small town of Illinois that comes to mind. It has been ranked as one of the best spots in the American Midwest. Although it’s mentioned as a great place for anyone who’s looking for a getaway that’ll help them relax and indulge in great food and leisure time, it’s also an amazing place to move to. If you don’t mind the constant tourists and like to meet new people, consider it. Although it’s a small town, it offers plenty of great activities. There are golf courses, the Galena River where you can boat and kayak, and amazing wineries for those that are looking for peaceful hobbies. You can also enjoy the seasonal festivities which are very present here.

A part of Galena, one of the small towns in Illinois.
Visiting the small town of Galena in Illinois will make you never want to leave it.


Talking about indulging in great food, if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, look no further. Out of all the charming little towns of Illinois, Elmhurst is known for great cookies and candy. It has a nice community feel and really makes an effort with parades and similar events. The people are really nice and welcoming to strangers. You can visit the Elmhurst Historical Museum if you’re into poetry. It’s a great town for aspiring artists that are looking for inspiration.


For any history buff, Galesburg is the most magical small town in Illinois. It truly sends you back in time. If you’re looking to live a simple, quiet life without any hassle, Galesburg is it. There are great museums for people of any age which makes it convenient for families. You’ll also get to enjoy the mesmerizing nature since its riverside is made for picnics and swimming during the warmer days while being great for ice skating during the winter.


Although it might not be the most obvious choice, moving to Glenview has many perks. The community is great and they strive towards making everyone feel safe and accepted. To highlight this, it has a day that serves as a reminder of the tradition of community giving, caring, and service. It has plenty of schools which is great for new families. It has a military base that has been there for a long time and it evokes pride in the residents of this Illinois small town. There are many community-driven happenings, even some go-green themed ones that are growing. It also has a well-organized system when it comes to health and safety.


Nauvoo offers rich history, so if this is something that’s in your field of interest, think about relocating there. Its history is presented in various ways and you can really get into it since people are knowledgeable and proud of it. If you want to visit historic buildings, there are more than 60 of them restored in Nauvoo along with Browning Home, half a dozen museums, and a downtown area where you can witness people making anything from candles to bread.

Of of the many historic buildings in Nauvoo, one of the best smaller towns of Illinois.
Nauvoo has a lot of great historic buildings that you should check out.

Relocating commercially

If you’re moving your business to these small towns, you’ll love the way your business will blossom. Make sure to transport your inventory to new premises before you actually get there since you’ll have so much to get to. Although people rarely relocate their businesses to small towns in Illinois, this move has many perks that you’ll get to experience.

Hiring a moving company

If you’ve decided that one of the aforementioned small places of Illinois is the right choice for you, don’t wait any longer. Hire a good moving company and get this process started. Choosing good movers is essential for any smooth relocation. Working with Golans Moving and Storage or similar firms will make your relocation so much simpler and more effective.

Enjoy your stay in one of these great small towns in Illinois

Once you’ve chosen one of the small towns of Illinois and the relocation is over, you can relax. The hard part is behind you. Soak in the beauty and enjoy every minute that you get.