Can moving make you happier?

Can moving make you happier? Leaving your old home to move to a new one is a big deal. Planning a move is a complex task that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. It is not just about hiring a perfect moving company, looking for some useful moving tips, and then packing your things and going through with a move. It is something that is going to change your life from its very roots and will shape your future in many direct and indirect ways.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have moved

Whether you will move once from your childhood home to your own home, or you will have some other moves in between, the fact stands that your life will be changed with every move you make. To answer the question from the beginning, we will need more space and time.

woman walking on pathway with falling leaves near body of water during daytime
We all at some point feel the need to go somewhere

Why is moving such an enthralling idea?

Human beings are special and complex in so many ways. Throughout our history, we have driven ourselves with the urge to move away and to keep moving afterward. This has to lead us to discover so much about our planet. We have moved forward geographically, but also in other ways such as sociology and science.

The horizon is what drives us. However, rare are those that at one point do not feel the need to find a place where they will belong. A place that they will call home. It is this duality that makes us, among other things, who we are. We want everything and always, and at once if possible.

So, when you do decide that you want to move, do you know, can moving make you happy? It is possible. Then again, it may do quite the opposite. Sometimes we do not know what we have until we lose it, and it is sometimes the same with having a home. It is not uncommon for people to feel the wanderlust and to think that they should go away and never come back.

Can moving make you happy? Perhaps
Can moving make you happy? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it will help you discover yourself

And then they do go away. Weeks and months, years and decades may go by. And all of a sudden the urge to come back Home is there. And then, before they are even aware of what is happening, they are on their way back. This can happen even if someone moves away to Boston for their studies.

So, can moving make you happier?

Well in a way, it will make you happier, because if you feel the need to do it, then your inner self may be telling you that that is just what you need. Moving to a new home or even moving to a new country can be a great chance to start your life anew. You can right some wrongs in your life and yourself. Especially so if you are moving alone. This can help you discover who you are exactly and what you are made of.

Even moving away to another apartment can be a thing that turns your life upside down and points you where you should go. And even if you needed to go away only to understand that you should go back. If you wondered can moving make you happier it might just be worth it.