Brief neighborhood guide to Tribeca, NYC

Considering moving to New York City or do you already live there, but want to change the neighborhood? NYC has 5 boroughs, and one of them is Manhattan. It is the most popular borough in NYC and it is called The City. When choosing where to move, one of the first steps is to choose the right place. Manhattan is the smallest borough, but it does not mean it is that small. It has plenty of different neighborhoods you can choose from. If you are thinking about Triangle Beneath Canal or shorty Tribeca, explore this place before relocating. Having a neighborhood guide to Tribeca can help a lot. Exploring and organizing are part of the moving process.

Tribeca, NYC in the evening lights.
Tribeca, NYC is a beautiful and quiet place.

Short neighborhood guide to Tribeca

What to know about Tribeca before you move there? What are the housing prices and where to go and what to visit? There are so many questions to be answered.

Good for families

The population of Tribeca is around 20,000 and 30% are families with kids, which is a large percentage for NYC. It is the second-ranked neighborhood in New York City for raising kids. Even though it is located in Manhattan, Tribeca is peaceful and quiet, perfect for kids. There are other NYC neighborhoods for young families but Tribeca offers a lot. Schools are highly rated and the crime rate is low.

Housing prices

Most people (63%) rent a home and rent is not cheap, but you already expect that in Manhattan. The average rent per month here is $3,200 and that is why a lot of people have roommates or live in smaller homes. There comes a problem with storage. Where to put all your belongings if your apartment is small? Storage companies from NYC can offer you some affordable choices and one of those is Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC, perfect for storage and moving organizing.

What to do in Tribeca?

What to visit and see in Tribeca?

  • Private tour at The Woolworth Building
  • Ghostbuster’s Fire Station
  • Aire Ancient Baths
  • James Cohan Gallery
  • Walk Down Canal Street
  • The Staple Street Skybridge
  • St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church
  • Tribeca Grill
  • Dream House
  • Poster Museum
  • The Tribeca Film Festival
  • The Mysterious Bookshop
  • Poet’s House

Hire a company for moving

For moving to Tribeca, enlist the help of local pros to move stressless and with ease. Having professionals by your side will make the relocation simple and fast. Transport all your household items safely.

A neighborhood guide to Tribeca, NYC on a tablet.
Know what to see in Tribeca and how to move there for good.


If you are moving with family or you are single and looking for fun and a career, Tribeca may be a good choice for you. Living in New York City offers a lot of benefits. The economy is strong, job opportunities, entertainment options, art, culture, and history – you have all in Manhattan. For moving there, a neighborhood guide to Tribeca is helpful but it is highly recommended to visit a place in person.